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  1. Hiya fb_steve, I assume you are using this site https://www.highwaybus.com/ for your booking. If you click on the first "blue bus" then you can select a route and date for your travel and see what tickets are available. get someone with at least basic nihongo to help but you can book the tickets online and then use the atm lookalike machines at a lawson or familymart to pay the cash. Be aware that Feb is the most popular ski-time for the locals so the buses back on the sunday from Hakuba might fill up quicker than the buses to hakuba. hope that helps (at least a little)
  2. Quote: Originally posted by eyeeyeeyeeyeeye: Many people up there? Nah, it was pretty empty even though they didn't open up Tashiro until about 11ish. The main Kagura slope plus the 3 black runs just off the main one were open allday. Longest queue was about 1min. Only went (just) off piste once and got stuck in the sludge so gave that a miss for the rest of the day. Even tho' it was pretty empty, the train up from tokyo was full.....not sure why.
  3. Went to Kagura yesterday. Never seen it rain at the top of the hill before. Snow was like everyone warned. Very very very heavy, but thanks to the SJ warnings we were expecting this and we still had a great laugh. At one point on the Giant course (about 25deg slope) I pointed my board downhill and didnt actually move cos of the snow.....funny as f***. Saw evidence of at least 10-12 avalanches in the out of bounds or back country region but fortunately nothing in bounds. Anyone venture to BC?? Still a day on the slopes is always good fun. its all good!
  4. This thread could almost be an extension (fnarr) of the Kagura vs Hakuba scrap a few weeks ago. So where would be the coolest (coldest? ) place to do it. Top of kagura or top of happo-one???
  5. Wowww, just spent 10days in Niseko area for the first time. F""kin amazing place. 3days of the best powder snow I have seen then 5 days of glorious sunshine and ragging it on the groomers and off piste. Then back to the powder for last 2 days. Also surely the most eigo friendly resort in Japan but then it basically is "little Sydney" even got taken out by a skijapan.com guide...bstard! Only downside is that I get back to find my weekend staple (kagura) is brimming with powder too! (only joking). Also lost my wallet (doh!) on the top of the Mountain during a cool wipeout in
  6. After staring longingly at the yuzawa photos this week I hate all you lucky bar steward, midweek riders
  7. I come to work in the morning, read the daily updates and I just wanna cry!!! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/yuzawa-now.php One question tho' SJ, why is the offical numbers for Kandatsu way higher than kagura, Dat dunna make sence. Any values from someone on the mountain??
  8. Quote: Originally posted by SerreChe: did not realize there was this Kagura - Hakuba thing going on. Maybe that's why FT was asking me about Kagura being flatish in another thread! Nah just spicing up a very dull day at work for me. SJ, their is no comp. really becos as my mate down pub told me the other night, after Feb you are better off with a surfboard than a snowboard in Hakuba... Oh and my dad is bigger than yours!
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: you cant stage a comeback when you get 30cms and the other resort get 50cms lol. Each to their own i suppose. Some like depth and some like length. Of course i mean season length.....where was the other place on the 27th Nov!!!!....
  10. Quote: Originally posted by muikabochi: We're staging a comeback! Lots of fluffy snow in the last 3 days. Go Kagura!, Go kagura!, Go Kagura!, its yer biffday...etcetc. seems to me that either Yuzawa or the "other place" are good and its only mid-dec. p.s. KAAAGGGUUUURRRRAAAA!!!!!....."the other place smells!"
  11. I didn't make it up this weekend to kagura . Has anyone got any photos of all that fresh snow. I bet it must have been unberivable.
  12. Quote: Originally posted by tsondaboy: here are all the buses from echigo yuzawa station. http://www.whitehorse-inn.com/bus.htm The local buses are more expensive but more frequent also. The last local bus from mitsumata to echigo yuzawa is at 19:58, so you dont have to harry down the slopes. Heh heh, the good old White Horse Inn...Top place, close to ropeway, mountain of info. Also 4 of us drunk 2litres of local sake and more beer with the owner (Tanemura-san) last sat. night. Top bloke. Regretted that at 7am on sunday tho'. Also, well recommend the yuzawa restaurant (written i
  13. Done 4 days in Kagura so far. Got 10days in Niseko, then 5days in Yuzawa booked till early Jan. So hopefully aboot 40days total plus maybe have a bash at Fuji in April(ish) time....maybe
  14. I am not 100% on this but I am sure there were creche type things at the big Prince Hotel at Naeba. They certainly have onsen, swimming pool, lots of restaurants etc etc. Also, I have actually seen some Dads riding the Naeba slopes with their kids in a harness on their backs or fronts!. Actually saw one bloke carrying his kid in his arms. Not my bag but have you considered this?.
  15. Quote: Originally posted by SydFunnelWeb: If you go to the JR offices at the moment they have cheap shinkansen/kagura tickets.Someone mentioned it the other day i think till the 15th of december it is only \7700. Careful there, the cheap 7700yen deal for kagura finishes on Friday 9th dec. After that its 11200yen. just for info.
  16. Just spent the last weekend in Kagura. Fackin Sugoi. On saturday, snowing at Yuzawa town, little heavier at mitsumata and pelting down at kagura. But with almost no wind it was ideal conditions if a little cloudy. 2-3feet of powder just off the main run at mitsumata (no joke!!) and was even some left for the final runs of the day. Kagura was amazing with 1.5metres of powder off piste and plenty of powder on piste most of the day!. Not too busy either. Sunday, mitsumata ropeway at 8am. Still had to wait 30mins to get on the bstard thing!. Went straight to kagura and the weather was cl
  17. I'm a size 30 and got some from London Sports by Ochanomizu st. Online with Rodeomaster is an option but beware they can be shysters!.... worth checkin tho' becos they have cheap gear.
  18. Just seen the latest Yuzawa town pics....GET IN!!!. Kagura should be brimming with it.
  19. Quote: Originally posted by bettyx: i had my pants drycleaned after winter in oz & the lady gave them some kinda special waterproofing, i think it cost an extra 500yen? anyone know if this works? (i'm still recovering from the fact you guys machine wash yr wear. i bet you all put your wool sweaters in the dryer, and don't separate whites&darks?) Isn't seperating whites and darks being a racialist. I believe in integration so in it all goes....
  20. Quote: Originally posted by blinkin'ek: It doesn't look that busy. Did you have your first skijo kare-raisu of the season as well? It was quite busy but not as bad as first feared. No problems on the runs with the "Kawaii" locals sitting around everywhere as can sometimes happen!. Spagetti Borognese fan me-self which altho' was over-sweet it tasted supersweet cos it was first day!. Missus had kare-raisu which in a "bikkuri shite" moment actually had meat in it. Ahhhh, off to rest my first day boarding stiffness hangover. Uploaded some photos, sorry for the poor quality.
  21. Quote: Originally posted by SnowJapan.Com#4: The lifts haven't even stopped for the day, but we bring you the first report (and 4 photos) from the slopes of Kagura: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/yuzawa-now.php Many thanks to montoya! Aye, I was there today and it was tops to get the muscles working again after 6months. Got some photos which i will upload soon but to be honest the photos from the kagura website say it all. Morning was rain in yuzawa and mitsumate but light snow at kagura. Very foggy/misty which slowly cleared to leave a beautiful afternoon. Snow was great
  22. Quote: Originally posted by SnowJapan.Com#4: Disappointing news from Kagura - you're going to need to get on the bus from Mitsumata Ropeway to the top of the Kagura Gondola. As of yesterday they were planning on opening a Mitsumata lift to get you there, but it seems that they have changed their mind. Latest update: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/yuzawa-now.php Borrocks, Please please please, no more rain!!!. Bloody warm weather!.
  23. Quote: Originally posted by Mama: Thanks uggggllllyyyy! I will check this with my nihongo (basic but when it's for skiing I'm sure I can do it!) Mama, My nihongo is only basic but i manage. The following link is useful to. http://www.travel.eki-net.com/jrsnow2005_first/index.asp Hope you get the chance to go. cheers uggggllllyyyy
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