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  1. Climbed it 3 times! I will only climb it a 4th time with a snowboard on my back.
  2. Quote: Originally posted by TheOrange: How will you drive your board on a Wii I wonder. This is how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USFQzshUGKg That is a fun game, the one I played at a friends I think was called SSX Tour. I was rubbish but it sure was fun. The next day we did it on real snow which was more fun! True. Nothing sure beats the real thing!
  3. Sorry to hear that it happened to you cal. Mind telling us what kind of boots those were? Wow! Shredding so hard, you're boots A'splode!
  4. SSX? it's practically on almost every system. I have SSX on tour for the PS2. It's done a decent job of holding over my snow fix for when I'm not boarding, but I heard that SSX 3 is much better. They've just released a version for Wii in the States. Dunno when it'll be out in Japan, but hopefully when it does, I could be knocking over lamps and busting coffee tables in no time!
  5. Thanks for the link, but I'll take my SSX over this any day!
  6. Ah! I miss the Cali mountain scenery. So many tall coniferous trees.
  7. I've got this year's Moto Boots. They are the 1st year Burton put speed zone laces on the Moto. After my 1st day out, I noticed my right boot laces started fraying at some points. Practically where the lace rubs against the some of the holes they go through. After a couple more days on the snow, the lace for the upper zone got completely stripped, exposing the white inner part of the nylon lace. The laces are still holding ok for now, but I'm afraid it might give at any moment. I bring plastic cable ties with me to the mountain just in case the laces should snap apart. I contac
  8. Morning bus higaeri ( 日帰りバス )packages range from 4000 to 10,800 depending on what day you go. (That's round trip bus + lift ticket.) Just go to any JR Byuu Plaza or travel agency like JTB and look through their higaeri ski/snowboard pamphlets. The tobu line also has a special package deal where you can catch a train from asakusa for about 6000 yen.
  9. According to one of the guys I went up with, the reason why Zao's layout kinda sucks is because it used to be a bunch of ski-jos that got consolidated into one big one after the ski boom faded out. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. I just came back from a weekend at Zao and all i can say is- if you've got some skiers if your group, you'd better make good friends with them, because they will be pulling your ass through all the flat spots. And there are annoyingly many. Be ready for a lot of unstrapping and strapping back in. And you'd better have your spider walk down. The park area is fairly decent but small with a couple boxes and rails scattered around and a table top and a kicker at the bottom. nothing too big. Yes, the scenery is beautiful and the onsen is top knotch. But I think that will be the 1st
  11. Yup. Saturday is generally busier than Sunday. This is reflective in the higaeri bus tour catalogs you see at the travel agencies. Saturday prices are more expensive than Sundays'. February is usually the busiest month of the season.
  12. 9 days by the end of this weekend! Going to Zao for the first time!
  13. Use this website to figure out your route: http://www.hyperdia.com/cgi-english/hyperWeb.cgi? The closest train station to Nozawa Onsen is Togari Nozawa Onsen as pointed out above. Then from Togari Nozawa Onsen station you take a bus to Nozawa Onsen.
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Motherhucker: So how much does this cost? I got my deal for 10,700 (round trip from tokyo station to most anywhere in yuzawa I think).
  15. Thanks, guys! Quote: Originally posted by kaede: 5000yen for upgrade... usually 5000 yen for an upgrade? Aren't lift tix usually only about 4500 yen? Or is it a special deal that includes lunch or an onsen or something? SirJibALot, how much was that deal for Gala Yuzawa? I was looking at that option too, but I wanted to keep my options open.
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