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  1. Gotcha, that must still be poss. with the regular disc version too though I reckon. However I look at it, not enough of a difference to justify sacrificing flexibilty of use though.
  2. I'm looking at some new bindings for a Burton EST channel-type board and given that I might want to use the bindings on other boards too, can't see any reason at all in general why anyone would ever buy an EST-only binding? Is there really any performance difference between non-/EST bindings?
  3. Just in case anyone's interested I recently got a Burton Fish 2013 from US eBay store 'artificialsnow'. Base price was cheaper than anywhere listed in Yahoo shopping, shipping to Japan was only $92, it arrived super quick and the seller was super cooperative and communicative. Alse worth bearing in mind is Burton basically have a 'no overseas sales/shipping policy' but through this store was absolutely no problem. I have absolutely no conection to the seller beyond being a customer, just sharing the word on great price/service.
  4. I'm holding the wax against the iron and moving it up and down over the board to get an evenly placed spotty trail. Paper/iron on that and drag around to melt/spread. Serves 1 reusing wax shavings also an excellent point > sprinkle onto board, paper on top and iron away.
  5. Haven't read everything here but one of the best things I discovered wax-wise is to use the waxing papers that look like a big stiff Kleenex. Drip the wax onto the board off the iron (I found I use FAR less since using the paper) pop the paper onto the dripped wax and iron the wax through the paper. Once the wax begins to melt and the paper fills up with wax it's really easy to slowly drag the paper with the iron on top, across the board. You generally get a MUCH more even, thinner layer quicker and there's far less wax shaving gunk at the end too. Generally 2 papers will do the whole of a boa
  6. Wow, many thanks indeed all, them's the ones...2004 eh!! 8 was my guess but maybe I bought them, then and got sold older ones. Either way, feeling kinda heavy for sure, good to know though. Thanks again
  7. Thanks for the ideas...the adaptor discs def. don't work with some. I'll keep looking
  8. I just got a Burton Fish 2013 and it has the channel binding attachment. Got these Flow bindings a few years ago (2008, 2009?) and trying to id them to see if there's a plate adaptor available so I can use them....anyone able to id these Flows? Says 'Team' on the highback but not much help when it comes to a search, also the base section and disc is all aluminium far as I can tell Cheers!
  9. Old-ish...doesn't mean much to me but figured it might be worth taking into account ie style and gear-wise. Now trying to figure out a broad set of ski/boot specs ie length, width etc that might work for my needs then start looking. Think a trip to Kanda way is on the cards ..uh-oh! @Grazza...check some Flow bindings, flip up/down back to get them on/off, don't have to sit down, even pretty easy to just lock in and go while you're skating.
  10. Heard a rumour that Hachimantai was still hike-able should the urge take you. The urge would take me were I nearby.
  11. Thanks Scott, indeed in my research the cost looks fairly challenging. Think some 2nd hand could be on the cards whatever I choose. Any advice on choosing booots etc in general? I rented some recent and good quality Salomon boots that felt great, anything I should be looking for? Mike, too true, my wife was a skier until about 10 years ago, when she hopped on some new skis recently she was just all over it and very taken from the off. How strange, a direct mailout from ICI Sports just came through my post box about a sale starting Friday...uh-oh....providence? edit:any recommends on
  12. Cheers for the info. Telemark? Have an image of it being quite the skilled endeavour, I'm keen to go but shouldn't I get some more solid basic non-telemark skills down first? Also, do people recommend any kind of specific instruction or simply have at it?
  13. Been boarding about 10 years now, love it to bits but also intrigued by skiing past 2 or 3 years so rented for a couple of days in Shiga over NY...AWESOME! Was up fast and getting plenty of turns in, keeping up with the wife pretty good and generally having a lot of fun. So, now I'm thinking to jam up the garage with even more off-season sports gear etc and wondering where to start. Of course I'll do some shop research etc but non-invested advice always welcome re: sizes, setups etc. I'm 182cm, 71 kg, 43 yrs old and very fit. Cheers
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