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  1. Mine comes from the name of the best ever episode of Star Trek.
  2. Took up Firefox recently and happy I did. Well, as happy as you can get with browser software. It's the logical choice.
  3. A long time ago, but thanks for the posts. I go to places nearby and over to Yamagata and Niigata as well.
  4. Mikuni is small the other two were tiny places literally 1 run of a few hundred meters. Hardly miss them!
  5. I've got 2 five-day trips planned, one to Hakuba and the other to Yuzawa area. I'm hoping to get in a few weekends as well. Can't wait.
  6. Well, this was my second on a snowboard and I had some good times - mostly in Nagano - but I just couldn't get out as much as I wanted mainly because of work. I love Nozawa, really great place. It's definitely my favorite. I'm determined next year to make the time and effort and keep my holidays for winter.
  7. It must almost get really annoying when something like that happens. Sorry to hear it.
  8. Parents about once every few weeks, brother and sister about once a month each.
  9. I was going to be up in Hakuba this weekend with a group of friends, but they cancelled because of "too much snow". Made me very angry, that.
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