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  1. Latest rumour is that she will be officially "Princess of Wales Mk II" or just a simple "Princess of Wales 2".
  2. http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000440029229/ Anyone seen any of these things?
  3. Where are these lines in Noz? I'm going up there weekend after next.
  4. I haven't driven up to resorts yet (Dyna etc) this season by car wondering what the roads were like? As busy as ever?
  5. Yes I do it but lots of people seemingly don't.
  6. You don't want a photo of takyu no ai-chan. Just think brat kid.
  7. How often do you call home? I just read in another thread about a NYResolution being to call more than once a year. I think it was a joke! But anyway, I'm once a week.....
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