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  1. I have been out of the country for a few, but moved back and will most likely be here for the next few years. The winter is something I'm really looking forward to.
  2. 0 I've been away from Japan for a few years... but back now
  3. Shoutbox is a good idea, will probably be useful in winter. I like the whos online info too.
  4. I'm a modest chap. The lady in our local place must be getting on for 70, she seems to like checking out the guys.
  5. ...than the Skyliner? They basically take the same amount of time to get to Tokyo don't they? But such a big difference in cost. I'm missing the reason why? Anyone know, or is it just a ripoff?
  6. I recently upgraded too and it has made a big different.
  7. I only really enjoy the country tournies, and dont really support a club team.
  8. Last night I got introduced to a guy I must have met last year and he seemed to greet me like a good friend. It was one of those cases where you haven't the slightest idea who they are, but don't want to offend by showing them that. I kinda got out of it when he mentioned where and how we met - but I was racking the old brain cells for a bit thinking how to maybe not cause offence. What do you do in this situation?
  9. I hope you told them that is was perfect.
  10. My family have a timeshare in Europe and they're wanting to come to Japan and do a swap if possible with somewhere here. Does anyone know of any good timeshare places in Japan - it doesn't seem to be a big/popular concept here like it is back home.
  11. Paris is a top city, I love it - been about 5 times now and never get tired of it. France is a top country actually, some excellent places all over. Holiday homes / timeshares are popular in the south of France (and Spain/Portugal) with Brits.
  12. I'm in on the border with Saitama, pretty much Tokyo. Probably moving down to nearer Osaka in the next few months,
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