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  1. also think Mitusmata access is beeter although in saying that had one a great day riding under the lift that takes you back up to the Tashiro gondola - laps and laps of freshies and a relatively short run was fun
  2. I hope to go here this weekend and will take a photo of myself calling my grandmother for her birthday ! Has anyone actually made a call from this phone ?
  3. Now I found this link if you go to photo dated DEC 19th I think it is taken from the deck of the place I am talking about above. I think the gelande is called Asagai ! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/resort_photo_gallery.php?pgno=38&resortNo=1
  4. Hi BM - I think you will have a good week there should be quiet and still a base there by all accounts especially up at Kagura I once stayed at the cafe/bar that is near the pair lift (that has or used to have night skiing also) probably a ten minute walk to the prince hotel on the Mt NAEBA side but for the life of me I can`t remember the name of the place. It was owned by a british guy and he could organise accomodation which he did for me and my then girlfriend. We stayed over new years for a great rate. If you can find out the name of the place I reckon go for that seeings you asked.
  5. the same a chriselle except for the weekend and truck bit 1
  6. Thanks very much for the information - sounds like a secret squirrel kind of a place - nice they have a collabaration with the JAF also 1 cheers
  7. interested in the one about Kiyosatsu snowdude- I`ve never heard of this resort - can you or anybody shed some light on its location ? cheers
  8. I have hears of mikepows recccomendation that you can sit the NZSIA test in parts of Japan these days and it is a short intense course. I taught skiing here in Japan many seasons to JHS and HS kids thinking about it now it was one of the best and most rewarding jobs I have ever had. I remember being assigned to one private lesson where communication was impossible. Still I guess its the ideaof taking a "lesson" that takes on importance here.
  9. Yes , thats my fave as well in the emerald can with the pic of the mountains on it right ? its good stuff
  10. Was reading recently the Go Pro guy is a surfer from calififornia- has made over a billion dollairos from this product - need to check it out also !
  11. panhead ^ bdl is a good place right- as you allude to it may be a blessing in disguise that it is a little out of town - nice staff and good rates OP could also try th Freedom Inn owned by an Ameriacan guy in Tokyo
  12. there is a lot of snow here in meguro - took my snowboard on the bus and rode down from JR Meguro station towards GOTANDA and bussed back- lots of hills in this area !
  13. I wear a shell jacket made by burton, black RPM Pants black and that famous t shirt underneath ! - NEW YORK / TOKYO / PARIS / ONEHUNGA (also black whith white lettering)
  14. The photo reminds me of ten pin bowling. I am not sure if I could stomach watching a video of it . There was one similiar on bbc a few years ago of a skier who was killed during a crash. Horrific stuff.
  15. one of the best places in my experience is LODON SPORTS at least pricewise its quite unbelievable - super deflation ?
  16. Klingon sorry it was the first time to post using the flag. Anywhere is ok. Anyone is ok. Snowjunky - You will be able to relate someday -have a good day all
  17. Hi all...getting amped for the season here. Am interested in meeting people to ride alpine boards with this season. Getting to old and blind to dig myself out of the powder off piste. If anyone is interested hope to meet up sometime before the season starts. I ride an F2 Silberfiel (Silver arrow I think). Would be great to meet some female alpine enthusiasts. There is something about them like those who ride harleys or fixed gear bikes and smoke marlboro reds. I could go on and on. Hope to hear from anyone keen to make semi regular trips from Tokyo this season by plane / train or automob
  18. Awesome, yep that seems to be the way to do it - exiting is a good word to describe the road. I had a friend who was a rally driver and did`nt ski but he would take us up just to show off and get some practice in - wan aka is a great place just needs more people year round- a few more hotels etc , more flights- it is not a true resort in that respect yet I feel, of course a magic place nonetheless. Thanks for posting the great vid too ! with rgds BB
  19. Awesome ! That is my hometown and hill ! - Never get sick of that view- Thanks a lot for posting snow junky - Did you get the free lift ticket with the rental deal - it is seriously to good to be true isn`t it - the cars may be old but never heard of anyone running into probe with them - thanks and regards BB
  20. I`m with Tubby - People in Tokyo need to grow a pair and stop this panic buying craze that seems to be engulfing the city
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