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  1. Originally Posted By: pie-eater I tried to find an old thread but without look. So, time for a brand new spanking shiny 2011 version. Black Mountain in the Chat Box just inspired me to find this one
  2. Yeah, I use them. An old set of Motorolas. They work really well - well enough that I could abuse my friend who was too lazy to get up for the morning session from the top of the mountain while he was still in bed in the hotel in Niseko!
  3. Originally Posted By: Slippery Jim Now buried under new luxury condos; not sure if it reopened elsewhere. That's a crying shame. The food was great and dirt cheap. Any recommendations for jingisukan / yakitori / yakiniku in the Annupuri area?
  4. Does anyone know if the jingisukan place in Hirafu is still there? No idea of the name, but it was in the area between the roads leading up to the gondola and Niseko Alpen Hotel. I think it was down the hill from Fatty's - it was off the road a few yards, had a flight of steps to go up to get in and had a portaloo outside (no toilet indoors!). I hope that's vague enough for you...
  5. Traditional Japanese breakfast = very fishy, very slimy, very stinky. To be avoided, generally. Get to the convenience store, couple of nikuman and a genki drink, ready to go.
  6. Well, it's been a few years since I was last there so I may very well be mistaken, but didn't there only used to be the "Sociable" lift? That new course map has a lift called "Barouche" too...
  7. Niseko, Feb 04. Went up for three days with a friend when I was still living in Tokyo. Got there a day late after the plane was turned back on day 1 10 minutes before landing due to a massive storm. Finally arrived and half the mountain was closed as the storm had wrecked so many lifts. Still had a good time skiing the bottom half of the mountain as the snow was really heavy but felt a bit let down after all the hype. On the last evening at about 6pm all the day tripper buses had just left, the hill was all but empty and we were getting ready to call it a day when they reopened the to
  8. Avoid Karuizawa. Gala is great (though the runs are short) on a weekday. As everyone else has said, it supposedly gets stupidly busy at the weekend. Joetsu Kokusai is good.
  9. I used to go up there pretty much every week in 2003/4/5 and the south area was definitely best. For some reason it was always deserted and there was powder to be had almost all day. I'm sure there only used to be one lift up from the top of the gondola to the midpoint of the mountain - looks like there's another one now too...
  10. Nice! I stayed at a dorm style place a few years ago that had a bar made out of two trucks welded together, but I can't remember the name of it. Can anyone jog my memory?
  11. Originally Posted By: SJ-David Welcome back. Please try some of the places on here.... I am sure they will be able to help out. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/hotel/hokkaido-niseko-accommodation.php http://www.snowjapan.com/e/hotel/accommodation-search.php Thanks. Thankyou for the swift reply! I'd already looked at the accomodation page - I should have clarified though, does anyone have any specific recommendation? Are any of the places especially helpful?
  12. Hi - been a long time since I posted here since I left Japan in 2005. So hi, it's good to be back! I'm coming back for a visit in February and wasnt to get in 3 nights or so in Niseko. Can anyone recommend the best budget place to stay that can also sort out pass and rentals? Any accomodation is fine as long as it's cheap (dorm / backpacker style is fine), ideally under 60,000 yen for 3 nights all included (except food). Many thanks for any help!
  13. Hunter Mountain, 3 hours directly north of NYC, was where I learned to snowboard. I was there after a BIG storm at new year 2000/2001 and conditions were great. I've heard the snow is usually pretty crappy though.
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