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  1. is naeba always busy? was really busy when i went there as well. uncomfortably busy in fact.
  2. it even snowed in ishikawa! made a nice break from the constant rain...
  3. i won one too but it came too late for the trip i had organised to arai but am 80% definate that i will use it on another occasion (maybe the long weekend). if not, would be happy to pass it onto someone who will! would be a shame to waste it...
  4. last weekend i went to nozawa with friends and they booked our ryokan with the ryokan association there. i get the impression that there might be associations like this in most touristy areas? im sure you would need to speak japanese, but it might be a good way to find accommodation in a particular area?
  5. sorry, cant help you with the jobs thing, but there were definately more than 8 CIR jobs available last year. we got more new CIRs than that in my prefecture alone...
  6. i suck too, got 6 correct and they were the ones i wasnt sure of!
  7. im leaving too, after two years here. am going to miss the snow like crazy! dont think oz has much to offer compared to japan! but like shimba, am thinking of heading to canada to work for a bit... im definately not ready for the real world!
  8. Quote: Originally posted by slow: You guys are very attractive to me. me too!!! its a great skill for a guy to have...
  9. by myself and loving it! having nobody to clean up after makes me im dreading going back into shared when i leave japan this year...
  10. yeah gamera, i imagine he was training her. but i still felt he was being a bit mean, she was so little and struggling! however, at least he wasnt hitting her with his ski poles...
  11. last weekend at naeba i saw something similar, although not quite as bad... ...a dad teaching his daughter to ski, she was crying, unable to get up and kept slipping over, but he wouldnt help her. pretty mean of him in my opinion. surely learning to ski should be fun and not such a big deal!
  12. staying local, probably toyama! yay to no crazy early (b4 6am) mornings...
  13. speaking of avatars... 34 guests - is that you in your avatar? if so, neat trick!
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