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  1. Testing 4K broadcasts. You'll need a special box (of course!)
  2. Are they socks on the floor in the background of the second photo?
  3. If I have never read the books, but really enjoy the tv series.... do I really need/want to read the books?
  4. I have very fond memories of the very first Mario Kart when I was just a young boy. Rose-tinted perhaps.
  5. Dentist appointment for tomorrow, lingering aching for a week now. Something has to be done.
  6. It will be too hot. I can say that with 100% certainty.
  7. Perhaps pie-eater could go on and do some Abe-related commentary. As well as possibly present some of his ongoing projects, for example Domes.
  8. This is so simple it's silly, but been really into havine some cheese on toast recently, with a spicy sauce and onion on top. Actually, not some cheese - more like lots.
  9. Is there really actually a shortage of seats, or are people just rushing around like silly chickens with their heads cut off and soaking up some Book Right Now kind of hype or new old wives tale?
  10. I bet that made Chriselle laugh heartily. This may be a silly question but do many people have pet insurance?
  11. I really enjoy a hot bath usually from October to around now. Once it gets hotter, the appeal gets less.
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