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  1. What does that mean Fattwins, madogi-what....??
  2. What's the next best place in the region now, if any? Anyone with any tips?
  3. Taxis in Japan are outrageous! Surely everyone agrees.
  4. Staying on the board for a whole day without a major wipeout. It felt like a trick to me, anyway
  5. It's a bit far for me too (and I'm not that mad!) but I am interested to hear more about it.
  6. I'm hoping to get one next season. Any osusume for someone living in the Nagoya region?
  7. After being here a few years, it should be better than it is. I can just about get by, but sound very much like a gaijin speaking bad Japanese.
  8. They are both fantastic. Got the 4 dvd set of the first one - about 9 hours of material on that thing (plus 4 feature length commentaries) - the best DVD out there no doubt
  9. Good place. I'm in Nagoya, now what about that for a fab city!
  10. I'm near Nagoya, been here a couple of years. Been on the forums a while but never got round to registering and posting
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