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  1. Oh yeah definitely. Too many Big Macs an' all.
  2. Anyone plan to go for a last fling June/July? I might be up for it.
  3. Get the most out of the park is my goal. Then train and become fit in the summer season.
  4. Next season a friend of mines sons school will be taking snowboard lessons for the first time. (In Fukushima).
  5. Don't go (and give me the ticket) I'll tell you what it's like!
  6. Hey whats this all about? You saying I have to get some stamp that costs 6000 yen just so I can get back into Japan? Even if I have a valid visa/passport etc? What the f? I'm plan to go back home for a few weeks in late May, but didn't know anything about this
  7. Does anyone out there own at all? I can imagine it would be a right pain.
  8. I've just found out about this place and came on for the first time a few hours ago. It's sweet! How come it's so busy, can't believe how many posts even just today Glad to meet y'all.
  9. Hello! I've been snowboarding just this season, and it is s w e e t
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