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  1. Quote: You're obviously anti-American Don't you DARE say anything even slightly against the almighty and "Good" USA.
  2. Is that semi? When do they start to appear?
  3. Kansai is great place, although I don't know Tokyo so well myself with only visit at time.
  4. Its good idea - most people just dont look at many company and compare.
  5. You still need registered company for get .co.jp address, but server is anywhere it is ok.
  6. Yes, even though warm to wear jacket is the sensible thing for spring.
  7. Getting on for 20 years of skiing now, about 6 with a snowboard. I suppose you could say I'm pretty decent
  8. Good to see early snow, haven't been out myself yet. I read in here with interest that early snow equals warmer winter. Let's hope thats off the mark this year!
  9. I often swap tools when I go out. Take both my skis and board with me in the car.
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