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  1. Sounds like MtG is delivering the goods. Which of course isn't surprising.
  2. Personally haven't witnessed the Evilness of Kanetsu, it has been ok when I have used it.
  3. Tubby won't be having you bad-mouth the Kanetsu! He loves it. Where abouts is Kasukabe?
  4. Don't know. But she did cry after not winning a medal which was very heartwarming. Or so I heard.
  5. I was listening to an Utada Hikaru song. The main words are Perhaps she changed her mind, but that doesn't explain why she keeps on banging out these lines in that order.
  6. You should have your own currency. Call it 'The Scot' or something. That would be cool.
  7. I'm interested in reading more on this, anyone recommend any good book focusing on that particular part of history?
  8. They should go to Niseko and set up shop there.
  9. Looks really widespread too. You or yours affected Bag?
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