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  1. On a serious note, my parents are certainly 'old' now. Still genki, but old. You could say very old. It makes me sad thinking about it, and what is inevitably round the not too distant corner.
  2. They need to be shindo 4 and above to make any news really don't they. Flashups on the tv aside.
  3. Know exactly the sort! But why are they tagged as 'yankee'?
  4. June-August. Worst 3 months to be in Japan.
  5. 1) That's what the Japanese want to hear 2) That's what they believe (ie. been here too long) I reckon a bit of both
  6. Shuttle buses. And lots of pensions even will take you places fairly close-by.
  7. That word 'hot' is going to get thrown about soon....
  8. Omoshiroi! Cheers. So people seem to get off the lift and lots of them walking up further?
  9. There's a real difference between izakaya and snack though isn't there? Well I know one big difference. I like izakaya. I hate snack bars.
  10. They showed em, for sure. Jimmy aged the most but a great concert, watched it probably 5 times.
  11. Nepalese guides on Mount Everest have decided to abandon this year's climbing season, to honour 16 colleagues killed in an avalanche last week. The decision throws the plans of hundreds of foreign mountaineers into chaos, with many of them waiting in base camp after paying tens of thousands of dollars to scale the world's highest peak. The Sherpas perform essential tasks on the 8,848-metre (29,029ft) mountain, carrying equipment and food, as well as repairing ladders and fixing ropes to reduce risks for their clients. "We had a long meeting this afternoon and we decided to stop our
  12. I think the fact that people just accept it without questioning annoys me almost as much as the price and practice itself.
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