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  1. It gets listed as being part of Gala, so I presume they own it. There must be some sort of agreement between the two though, would be interesting to know the details.
  2. He has a point, Tsugaike Kogen is great for beginners. But maybe not at the end of April.
  3. I dreamed that I was at Nozawa in the middle of that rare storm they had this season. But unfortunately I wasn't able to have any stand out classics. Next year. Please.
  4. Not been myself but kind of want to give it a go. If not for the new rather pretty looking surroundings.
  5. Yeah, the Sapporo games though that was the plan from the beginning wasn't it. Do the games, get out, nature reclaim mountain.
  6. Well yes if you want to pay for it. One has the choices! The top range Carrozzeria you can get for less than 150,000 yen.
  7. And also except: - when you want the back/front camera functions - when you want lots of the functions that modern carnavis have - when you want to play CDs - when you want to play DVDs - when you want to watch TV - when you want to use it without having a data plan
  8. Do you actually enjoy it then Tubby? I thought you were a bike person.
  9. Do you find much difference in the nihongo spoken down in Shonan vs Sapporo, Tubby?
  10. We were borderline spring a few times, but it's really turned on proper now by the looks.
  11. Deja Vu with Denzel. Found it a bit tiring it hall the tech babble.
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