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  1. Got hooked last year when I was in korea. Always trying to find time to go ski since then. Guess I got the bug. Bad.
  2. Have looked at Tashiro and looks good. Any recommendations for budget accomodation nearby that has some restaurants or bars in the area? How far is Yuzawa town from this slope? Or would Naeba be better? Thanks
  3. Wow. Thanks for all the replies! I won't be needing lessons as I have skied green slopes in korea a few times over last couple of years. Just looking for a convenient place to be able to improve a little without being too adventurous. Am not coming with kids or family. Coming with friends who are also beginners but have skied before. Really appreciate all your comments.
  4. Hi, Was wondering if you guys could give us some recommendations for beginner skiing slopes near-ish or convenient to tokyo in late April. Was thinking yuzawa area (kagura?) maybe but unsure which slopes we should base ourselves on. Planning to spend 2 nights in the area so accomodation options would be great too. Thanks so much.
  5. We are beginner/intermediate skiers. Am considering spending 2-3 nights in April in a conveniently reached ski resort from tokyo. We are 2 friends who love food and drinks(beer sake) so nightlife options like nomihodai or izakaya would be nice. Was thinking naeba, kagura or hakuba area. Any suggestions? Among the three, which would be the most affordable? How much would accomodation cost approximately? Thanks!
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