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  1. That is disappointing and the reasons would be interesting to hear. I am sure places like ARAI get most of their income from people actually staying in their hotels more than from lift tickets.
  2. Quote: There's good snow available ... it's unusual, but it's good ... but the customers don't realise it ... and the resorts aren't telling them it ... and all the customers will go in a big bunch later on ... and the snow will perhaps be brilliant or maybe passable, who knows? BTW, SKI, it's not 'any number of reasons' that people don't go, it's conditioning and lack of information. That's about it In some cases lack of info, maybe. But in many cases just like myself, others posting here and the majority people who just enjoy skiing or boarding a few times a year - that has nothing
  3. Like I said, if you go now - fine, please enjoy it! Hope you have a great time. Conditions may be excellent at 47, OK, I will have to take your word on that, but what about the other 500+ resorts in the country? And I think the other main point of this post was the discussion as to whether millions of people would be on the hills if places were open. But it seems that even if there is wonderful snow, a majority of people will STILL not go out for any number of reasons. That's all! Enjoy it!
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone, by Shakin' Stevens.
  5. It seems to me that the majority of people generally would not go skiing or snowboarding now even if they knew places were open. Certainlty that not enough people would go to justify it for resorts that were able to open. The people posting hundreds (and even thousands! ) of messages on this forum are by definition the ski/board-kichigai people that the Japanese posters are talking about in previous posts. They aren't the "average" skier or snowboarder, who wants to generally hit the slopes in the winter season on their (usually planned) holiday - when there's lots of nice sno
  6. I often here "erai" when people are talking about other people. I thought it meant "great" but many times people seem to use it just for superiors at work, or stars or something. Can someone explain it to me?
  7. Groovy. Good name. Excellent visuals. Content looks better. Looks like a whole lot of things to play around with. Daily reports looks mouth-watering. (When start?) Great stuff! Thanks!
  8. I quite like Linkin Park. Wouldn't touch metal with a long stick though
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