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  1. Thanks for that - I have a few screwed up tapes myself.
  2. It's quite old actually, nothing special. It might be a good time to get something new and decent anyway. Did they tell you what was wrong with yours?
  3. Obviously don't watch shit stuff like you obviously do....
  4. Such wit!!!! Not. And Mr Grumpy/Angry/Fed up himself calling people grumpy. Give me a break! Who the hell's Ricky Lake anyway?
  5. If thats what you think then good for you, and see you in another thread.
  6. Tell us more about Europe! How does it compare with, say, Japan and the US.
  7. Hey thanks for letting me know its out on dvd. The order has been made. Well worth repeated watchings and a space on the shelf.
  8. My TVs going mad. It seems ok for 30 minutes or so, then suddenly the channels start changing without me doing anything at all - its as if I'm sat there with the remote zapping away. As you can imagine, it makes it almost unwatchable. I'm holding on to a bit of hope that it is a small problem, but at the back of my mind it seems that its kapput. Anyone have any idea that might give me hope that I don't need a new box??
  9. Can anyone tell me what that group of 12 Chinese ladies is called. You know the one who all play traditional Chinese string instruments but kinda make it sound modern. You must have heard the song Der der der der de de dedededededede dedededededededededed do de de de de de de de... (etc)
  10. She can look average sometimes and drop dead gorgeous on others.
  11. Do you use an English or Japanese OS on your computer?
  12. Thats great to hear snowboard-freak. Good on ya
  13. Of course, but I'm sure beaten up mums doesnt account for a large % of the massive divorce rates. None of my friends were in that kind of situation.
  14. I am not an expert, but I know what I have seen and experienced. I have just observed that my friends who have divorced parents have - all of them - had a hassled and negatively "eventful" upbringing which has affected each of them to a greater or lesser degreen. With your parents divorcing, for whatever reason, it's surely going to be the case, surely that is unavoidable. Sad, yes, but not much can be done about that.
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