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  1. Watcehd Die Hard last night. Still the best action movie >>
  2. Japanese news site I was reading said kameraman. Well, lets face it, who REALLY cares?
  3. Not heard of them. And - anyone ever officially demo anything?
  4. hey hide, do you come out on average with more cash than you go in with or what? That might have a lot to do with the enjoyment issue.
  5. Hey got my free game from Microsoft. They're not too bad after all. Cheers grungy gonads.
  6. Check out Rally sports Challenge - awesome game, best racer out there.
  7. The snow has surely disappeared by now up there. Only a few months before the new snow!
  8. Sometimes, sometimes not. Not right now.
  9. Hey New here, so sorry if it's been covered B4, but when abouts does the first snow fall on Fuji-san in the fall? Cheers
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