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  1. Hakuba 47 - 12 Hakuba Cortina - 7 (-) Hakuba Goryu - 13 (+) Hakuba Iwatake - 3 Happo-one - 7 Tsugaike Kogen - 3
  2. Personally, I'd look around get some prices from individual places I like the look of plan an plan, then out of interest see how the cost compares. i enjoy planning things myself though, I'm a planner.
  3. Might add I was thousands of km away, so it was quite difficult. Will be there next winter though.
  4. Nonce. Though I know someone who hit 50. Friend of a friend. He said it was fun.
  5. Drums. Ace. All ages and sizes. Don't let it prevent relations with the opposite sex though
  6. OK maybe more an English question, but... 08/09 season - is it THIS season or NEXT season?
  7. Myoko rocked last season. For some reason it got totally dumped on, more than places nearby. Hoping for the same this coming season.
  8. Strong here as well. That 2 in just over a month.
  9. Of late Radiohead Sigor Ros The new Def Leppard was forced on my by a Japanese friend into them. As bad as you might think.
  10. Got pretty shaken up here in Tochigi as well. I can't imagine what a shindo 6 feels like. Hope everyone ok.
  11. I wish I was as cool. Just being a drummer ain't enough.
  12. In the winter I went to Myoko for a week - there was a meeting there for work and we had 3 days off free time. Top place, I loved it. And there was TONS of snow.
  13. That. is a TOP idea. You need to get a cheesejacket, some cheeseboots and a cheesehelmet too.
  14. I was there last month and got a great deal on some new skis as well. Definitely worth a visit and Tokyo is a lot of fun when you only visit every so often!
  15. I usually do a lot of sleeping and turning my mind off. Enforced rest. Got to enjoy it.
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