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  1. What do you mean, instant coffee is the pinnacle aint it?
  2. Great drink, gets me wellied in no time. A primer for a drunken night out.
  3. Rather, above written originally by Liam Gallagher (or whatever his name is) and translated from Manc to English by someone he paid. Haha
  4. bobby, what's so bad about Thailand - I usually only hear good things about the place.
  5. Small in quantity, but for a short period of time, actually quite decent. But it is a short period of time. And only a handful of places. So there is very little choice.
  6. I live in Kyushu and enjoy the place, but can't help feeling green hearing about all you peeps up in Nagano, Niigata, Hokkaido and the like. All that snow in winter. Sounds great. The few resorts here have a very short season and really not very good. A trip to Hiroshima and the like is called for when we want to go out to a fairly decent place.
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