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  1. Still in beta but they are mad prices. You can buy most of the games for the price of 'renting' for days/months.
  2. what seems like a gentle slope can get pretty difficult if it goes on. Good exercise though and the bombing down on the other side is always a good reward.
  3. is there any other Shinzo money on offer out there?
  4. Glad to hear that, seems it did a lot of damage down south.
  5. Threads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcTcNxl-Vl8 Sobering stuff
  6. The Day After http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2B7sdLPMfc
  7. No I don't open any. And like I said, I was wondering if there way any way to get off lists rather than just block an increasing number of things - lots that can't be blocked because of their ever-changing origins.
  8. Susanna Reid’s ITV debut on Good Morning Britain drew mixed reactions, with criticism that the show looked too similar to its U.S counterpart and that Ms Reid’s figure was obscured by a desk. As the show began viewers took to Twitter to complain that the legs of the 43-year-old - who is reportedly being paid £400,000 a year for her new role - were hidden from view. One viewer commented: 'Why has ITV paid so much for @susannareid100 only to put her behind a desk? Its like buying a Ferrari and keeping it in the garage #gmb.'
  9. problem with that is that the mail address it is coming from always changes.
  10. Is there any way to get your email address off spam lists? There's some spam mail that I get frequently and it's annoying, So I need to just kind of block it or is there a better way? I'd be keen to hear.
  11. I tried the 'with Japanese cuisine' one. Hmmm. Was ok, nothing special.
  12. Michael Schumacher’s family have said they “strongly believe” the Formula One legend will recover from his medically-induced coma, as they announced the seven-time champion is still in the “waking up process”. The 45-year-old’s manager, Sabine Kehm, refused to comment on speculation that Schumacher has contracted “pneumonia” in hospital, as those close to him expressed their confidence he would recover from the life-threatening skiing accident which happened nearly 50 days ago. “Michael's family would like to again express their sincere thanks for the continuous sympathy coming from
  13. What was this doing on the 4th page?!? Abe: "Buy my Abenomics"
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