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  1. PS. Yo Rog, could you pass on a shout out to all the Sos/HxC guys next time your in the shop for me please?
  2. Hooooooly shit, I haven't posted for a long time, but thought I'd take a break from studying and catch up with the happenings of the raddest ****in' ski site ever. Good to hear that everyones gonna push themselves this year, cuz I sure as shit am gonna too! I look forward to seeing some of your vids right. How was the HxC vid this year Roger? It was pretty tight last year -- Yuuji puts so much work into it. Are most of the shots at Ontake? I think they love that mtn so much because a bunch of the guys were working there. What was the turnout like? In other news, the conditions here
  3. woo-eee. it'll be sweet, without a doubt... but it's gonna cost a lot of money, and it's not for another billion years, so who knows where i'll be by then! yo nick, mail me your phone no. i'll give you a call while long distance costs less than 10 dollars a second
  4. Really eh. I didn't know about those spots. How long/straightforward is the hike to snow (ie. is it a lot of bushwacking)? When do you leave for Japan?
  5. Yah, I'm from NVan. Not nearly as bad a drive as from Chilliwack. I was in Japan for coop. Great experience. And like Nick (fattwins) said, I skiied a lot with him, among several others on this board -- you'll meet a lot of great people... especially in Gifu! I lived near Nara city, which was a logistical nightmare for riding...
  6. I hear you. I feel the same, especially because I don't have a pass... and 40 something bucks is a lot to pay for a shitty day. I just gotta get outside, all my outdoor activities have been rained out for 2 weeks now and I'm itching to get out there. Nevermind, I just checked the weather... 40% POP is too much for me. You from Van-city man?
  7. Yo man, I'm from BC too, and just got back from a year in JP. You heading to Whistler this weekend? If so lemme know. As long as the weather holds out, I'll go for sure.
  8. hey hey easy on those poor bladers. i'm gonna get into that shit this summer... when i buy a new pair of proper freestyle street blades. i've had enough of trying to slide rails on the base of my blades where the wheels actually broke off (from doing stands). they'se be ghetto yo. but yah, skating is dank as well, it's a tough decision eh?
  9. an interim update is now up. i reached 1/2 my goal... writing on hokkaido and the slopestyle comp are on the backburner for now. i'll try and get 'em done stat. i didn't really have the time to do a proper update, but s'all good i hope.
  10. yeah, twas a good day indeed. props to you nick for the bbq. them was some good chicken sandwhiches... or should i say, bread on slices of chicken. that last run was a good way to run-down the season. the high flying full moons are definitely on a few peoples' vid cams. anyway, today i endeavour to update my site... yes, all the way back to takasu/dyna. if i don't get something up, then feel free to send in the howler monkeys to give my mischievous ass a flogging (but it won't come to that, even if i have to stay up all night to do it!)
  11. my next door neighbour used to walk into my apartment all the time while i was in various states of undress. the second time she caught me post-shower bare-assed, i just turned around to look at her in the eye, gazed down at c*ck and then raised my eyes back to hers, with a very subtle grin on my face (people who`ve seen my drivers license know what that entails). i've never seen her since. give it a go sometime! there's nothing to be ashamed of either, surely grandma has seen said male anatomy before... but it's all about the presentation! the grin is a surefire way to scare away th
  12. i dunno why, but i love that pink mofo, however i must say that i was rather dissapointed with the latest commercial. i even got a stuffed animal! to give to my sister (i changed the n around a little so that it is her initial) yes, ladies, i know, i`m that sweet. ... right.
  13. hey man, don`t know your email address, but just wanted to say that i am coming to tokyo for a week for work (leaving tues morn, return sun night) and was wondering if you wanna get some shit started in the big city? (seeing that you are prolly a tokyo local by now) so yah man, if you're interested hit me back at danieljameseaton@yahoo.ca also, who else lives in tokyo? me being the kansai bumpkin type i am, i don`t even know. lates, dan
  14. the double would really impress me!!! (not that you care) however, make sure you go huge... the second rotation takes longer than the first and since you are huckin' way harder the chances of munching your neck or back are higher. ... it hurts when you don't land one. that much i've learned. all of this i'm sure you know, but one last thing... make sure your camera-person is qualified! (Sorry couldn't resist that cheap-shot)
  15. i'll get around to compiling a tricktionary sometime... after the other overdue sh it i have piling up. some stuff is directly translated to katakana, but at least half is original. here are some samples... te-buru wo occhi namara (sugoi in hokkaido-ben) dekai (guess that one is obvious) oishii
  16. oh, before i pass out, let me pass on some important wisdom from the beastie boys... you gotta fight... for your right... to paaaarttty! peace!
  17. oh, before i pass out, let me pass on some important wisdom from the beastie boys... you gotta fight... for your right... to paaaarttty! peace!
  18. wow -- what can i say other than that its the people i've gone skiing with who deserve the praise... or shall i say the people who've kindly put up with my ass. i honestly hope i can get my shit together and get the update up soon. damn work getting in the way eh! i'm doing slope style tomorrow, and heading to hokkaido on monday... so i should have a few things to bullshit about. anyway, thanks a lot man . it's because of comments like that that i keep updating the site.
  19. thanks for luck guys, i'm sure i will need it... seeing how it's currently T- 5 hours until I have to get on the train and i'm completely bombed off da sake (however, i must say sumo was wicked) here is the proposed run: 540. sbackflip. s540. i don't want to hit any rails, so i need to stick to the tables... anwyay, i hope you have a good weekend!!
  20. i don't have the luxury too choose. fortunately for me, nick is a good chooser but hey, if the grass hill by my house had snow, you can be i'd be sessioning it.
  21. yah those silver skiis are gonna leave me one of these days, mark my words. i think i'll spray-paint after this season (it actually creates a decent effect) yo, nick & rodger you guys should come to biwako on sun instead of dyna for slopestyle
  22. no doubt rodger! layin' it back like that is the pimp shit. and it seems to work well as a good luck charm.
  23. fun times fo' sheezy! thanks guys! that damn al quaida (sp) guy may be finished with the burried soldiers, but he is still torturing me to this day... at least in the sense that i couldn't answer the question (blame it on the lack of sleep... riiiiiight) i'd love to get your pics if it's not too much a problem. i got an ftp site which makes larger file transfers pretty easy. plus then anyone could download them from there.
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