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  1. It's 'deepening' quickly apparently. All this talk of phone calls between leaders. Obama and Putin. Wonder how those things really go? Pleasantries to start off with, chat about the weather, well done on the Olympics?
  2. Bloody hell they're milking the Mao story aren't they. I think I'm going to throw up if I hear much more.
  3. 'Until they decide otherwise' I find it astounding how so many people willingly give up so much of their life to Facebook and co.
  4. I just read that there's a new Robocop out! No doubt it'll dump on the 'classics'.
  5. He would have been dead instantly if he had not been wearing one. Last I heard, he was still alive.
  6. I'm afraid you'll have to. In the meantime, why not post about people with helmets crashing more than those without a few more times.
  7. Georgian Etibar Elchev has broken his own record for carrying metal spoons on his chest and back. Mr Elchev claims he has magnetic properties that attract the 53 spoons to his body.
  8. No doubt he got paid $4m to leave. The 'football manager' special bonus for being rubbish. Is Ericsson being touted as a replacement?
  9. They were supposed to do something. They didn't. You follow up. They come up with a bull story that you actually know is made up and a wriggle. Question is, do you forgive and let them off or press the point and show them you know they are bullshitting?
  10. Never had Kohaku. Will definitely try it this time though.
  11. You couldn't if you wanted......one day only.
  12. Sounds like a plan. Get it done before October though, want to firm up my plans around then.
  13. Gala Yuzawa: 6 Kagura: 27 Maiko Snow Resort: 13 (+) Muikamachi Hakkaisan: 9 Naeba 12 (-)
  14. Was thinking similar the other week when I had a bad headache, actually it was a migraine in the making but I caught it before it got to full on. Still bad though for over a day. I was immobilised, couldn't do much of anything other than feel pain. Couldn't work, read, watch tv, go outside (too bright). Not good. Did this come on suddenly?
  15. Interested to see how this turns out. Here's the rules. Each skijo in Hakuba (area) has 5 points to start off with. When you vote, you have to vote one resort up one point and one resort down one point. Only 1 vote per person per day. Must vote based on the vote of the previous voter. When a resort is down to 0, it gets deleted. We end up with a winner! OK so here goes: Hakuba 47 - 5 Hakuba Cortina - 5 Hakuba Goryu - 5 Hakuba Iwatake - 5 Hakuba Minekata - 5 Hakuba Norikura - 5 Hakuba Sanosaka - 5 Happo-one - 5 Tsugaike Kogen - 5
  16. Is that what some people do onehunga?
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