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  1. Good to hear. Maybe 2nd week of February is what I'm thinking.
  2. So they have now been closed for 3 days on the run? Sounds very fishy indeed. If they are going to close on days like today and Friday they might as well not bother opening at all.
  3. Bit late, but good photos SirJib. How was the Niseko trip?
  4. Bit confused there - you mean, looking at a webcam today or are you staying in Iwappara?
  5. Anyone encountered any business at resorts yet this season? The photos I have seen seem to be showing a general distinct lack of overcrowding. almost the opposite. Friday will be the first day of the season for me.
  6. Drink diet beer instead of normal beer on weekdays. or should that be
  7. Lots of politician posters up near where I live at the moment. One in particular. This guy in a 3 piece suit doing a 'gatsu' post (you know, the clinched fist etc). And he is wearing white trainers. 3 piece suit + trainers = looks very silly.
  8. It's mentioned on this page http://www.snowjapan.com/e/spotlight/hakuba-goryu-2.html
  9. I thought it was a bit overlong but generally really enjoyed it. Didn't miss the gadgets at all, though a baddie in a hollowed out volcano might have been fun
  10. I always hope for something really fun to happen at an office party, but never yet experienced a one like that. The ones here with my colleagues get to be drunken affairs, but the karaoke and snack bars soon sobers me up
  11. I downloaded IE7 to see what the fuss was about. Seemed ok but every so often it seems to only half download a page and stop. Then a few seconds later refresh itself and display the whole page. You'd have thought Microsoft might actually get a product working properly after all the publicity over things before now.
  12. They have been proved way wrong as well....
  13. For Windows XP users, which version are you using Home or Professional? I use Home and was looking at info on Vista but what exactly is the difference between these 2 XPs?
  14. Praying mantis are excellent. Such strange looking creatures. I've only ever seen one in real life and it was fascinating. Most insects are really cool - as long as they out of my house and on my body.
  15. I quite liked some of the songs on that. That new songs sounds very Bee Gees / disco.
  16. I went out to an enkai last night and there was a nijikai at a karaoke bar. I thought I might enjoy it seeing as though I hadn't been to karaoke for so long. Hmmmm, er no. Worse than ever. And fewer people than ever it seemed. A sad sight all round it was. Is karaoke losing it's appeal with lots of Japanese where you are? Sure seems to be less popular where I am.
  17. Oops this thread. Mori was just on tv shaking hands with Mr Abe.
  18. Big Mori was just on the tv shaking hands with New Abe. Seems he is still around.
  19. Hard to guess isn't it. Whats the Japanese title for that one?
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