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  1. Does money make people idiots, or is it just the idiots who find themselves with money who are the idiots? I see Komuro Tetsuya* has been arrested for (from what I can understand) 'selling' the rights to his songs - rights that are not his! The man should be put away for crimes against music in the 90's but unless I'm missing something here, how stoopid can someone be? (* famous producer who churned out hit after hit in Japan in the 90s - Amuro Namie, globe, etc)
  2. Excella sure does suck, but there IS worse believe it or not
  3. Tell you what, if there are cancellations it might open up places for other people who wanted to go but couldn't because things were all booked up. Like, me. And I will.
  4. Good to hear I am not the only one still liking albums though. Interesting point there Thursday. I looked through my collection and it is probably 80% brit. Not a conscious decision. What about people from the US, Australia etc?
  5. Read so many times in interviews now that people nowadays are not listening to albums but just downloading certain tracks and listening to music that way. I must be way old fashioned I love listening to full albums (when they're good of course) and think it's really sad that the people in the business are saying the album might be on it's way out.
  6. New people should need to post a message or two before being able to start a new thread like that I reckon. As much as it starts a conversation, it can be annoying when someone asks a question then doesn't come back for the answer or say thanks. Been on the receiving end of that a few times in my job.
  7. Thanks. Well I would not be in a position to fix it when it got sick, so I do need the reassurance of some kind of support. As for the main brands - any recommendations to look at or stay away from in particular?
  8. I know there was talk of notebooks a few months back, but how about desktops? I am thinking of replacing my 4 year old one with something. As I'm buying, will wait to get something as powerful as possible for, say, 300,000 yen. Any recommendations in terms of which brand and what kind of power setup to go for? Cheers!
  9. Saw that. It was about the same spaceas a capsule but you can stand up in it. Like a cupboard really, with a computer in it.
  10. Some info here too on phones http://www.snowjapan.com/e/services/go-mobile.html
  11. It must have cost a fortune would be interesting to hear if they still like the decision. I used it once, but it ended up taking so long to get to the decent courses at Kagura to the decent courses at Naeba. Good for people staying in Naeba though.
  12. I know it's peak holiday time now, but... wondering if any members here live near the Hunter Mountain area? Do tell if so! Will be in the region for a few weeks in January.
  13. Oops, sorry forgot to say thanks, so... thanks. Hoping to get good clear weather when we're there.
  14. I will be going to the area soon and wondering which of the lifts would be best for views/short walk on a fine day? Happo or Tsugaike? What you reckon? Thanks!
  15. They said on the news tonight that today was the first day of Golden Week. I don't think anyone knows.
  16. My Sony Vaio is FANTASTIC. Far superiour to the last Dell I had and that's not just because it is 2 years on and things have gotten faster. The build, the care in which it is put together, everything. I would totally recommend Sony.
  17. The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks Great off-beat story. Good stuff.
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