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  1. Lets face it though. There are more gaijin going up there, but the mountain is still vast majority Japanese.
  2. Mine would involve money too. I just don't have enough of it. Need more, need more.....
  3. I've got some sweet memories of drive-ins. Awesome when the weathers good, the movies good and the company is good
  4. I just get the two. Like some others it seems, work seems to be increasingly encroaching on my freetime too. Not good.
  5. Rain rain rain go away. Nearly finished now hey? Anyone get caught up in big floods anywhere?
  6. I'm gonna have to take a few hours, copy my data on hundreds of old discs and then throw the things away as well. It has to be done.
  7. I'm taking my break in September, so hoping that August won't be too painful. OK so far
  8. You'll probably find that boarding is the easier (and quicker) to pick up, thats what I found anyway. Have fun!
  9. Put on weight over summer back home. Time to start exercising.
  10. I've just got back from home home, back to Japan home. I miss it a lot, yeah. All sorts of reasons. But I'm tired now. Time to sleep.
  11. Hi folks. Back in Japan. Looks like hikkys eggs are ok now, and she's just got married to a cameraman bloke!
  12. He was a groovy dance hey folks? Just one of the 3 Bez characters in, what were they called....you know, the TRF people.
  13. hey my jpop thread just appeared at the top again,will check that out later. Aircon lives for us here I'm afraid in the city. The worst is the commute on the trains - a nightmare day in and day out for a big sweaty gorilla gaijin like me.
  14. I was thinking of having a small gorilla on my back.
  15. Looks like we posted exactly the same thing at the same time. I think they will struggle under pressure.
  16. What d'ya reckon? Can Japan win the Belgium game today?
  17. I'm more and more interested in these things. I've never seen one in action (apart from the little vids on the web), but they look cool. Is the Freeboard actually free?
  18. I just hope the rainy season waits until July. Or better still, just buggers off completely this year.
  19. The heat in summer. The "we are special" underlying feeling in society. Shaken. Oishii programs. Just a few there!
  20. I think there have been more WOWOW channels added recently in their bid to compete with Sky channels.
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