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  1. Been here for two weeks, from what i hear the skiing doesn't get started until december which means I can get a few days in before going back to the states to do some real skiing. I'm not hauling all my gear out, so is it possible to rent some shitty equipment or something? Where is the best snow? I am near Kyoto, I hardly speak any Japanese. How much would it be to travel to like Nagano or hokaido (or for that reason, wherever the dopest skiing is in this country)? I would be cool to ski something on par with tahoe or colorado but anything will do because I'm friggin desperate. I also w
  2. Ok so i'm in japan for the first time now, where is the cheapest, closest, sickest, skiing to the kyoto area. When does the season start here? Just want to go for a few days before i head back to tahoe.
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