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  1. Yeah, well if you go just up the coast a bit to Kure where they made the Yamato and other ships, and they still have military, it's a completely different vibe. It's all ... well, but the technology was pretty neat, and the boys were very brave.
  2. Mojiko near Fukuoka is nice - lots of old buildings, a good railway museum, and a brewery selling real beer. You could also get the night ferry from Kokura to Matsuyama and see a bit of Shikoku, then another night ferry from Matsuyama to Osaka. You'd be saving big time on hotels that way.
  3. I'm rather concerned that my home WMD program might be discovered by some busybody with their new Geiger counter. I'll have to be ready with some of my conventional weapons if I hear anybody come beep-beep-beeping up the cliffs that surround our home.
  4. I heard a rumour that if you use Sekaimon enough times, you can get a voucher for a night of 'companionship' with Imoto if you're prepared to pay the going 'fuzoku' rates. Is that true?
  5. This is going to be a boon for my home WMD program. I'd been desperate for a solution to my targeting issues.
  6. Akiaji doesn't do much for me. It just seems to be a rather sweet, characterless beer, beautiful as the cans and advertising may be. And why do foreigners always call their attempts at English beer 'pale ale'? What's wrong with calling it 'ale' or 'bitter'? I had some 'pale ale' in Australia that actually tasted of real beer, once it had warmed up to drinking temperature.
  7. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads He should have been more tactful. "Your weeds are doing great! I've never seen such tall yomogi!"
  8. What a horrible gaffe for a politician to make - saying that a place where nobody can go because they would die looks, well, dead. There were all these ex-residents, brimming with hope for the future, and that bastard had to go and crush their dreams! He should have been bright and jovial and made light of the risks such as the radiation on his clothes. Oh, wait a minute, he did. The problem with these pols is that they lack the courage to say "Come here and say that" when hounded by that miserable pouty son of the Governor of Tokyo who hasn't let a single policy statement es
  9. That bulldog can pump a skateboard better than I can. Damn! That isn't cute, it's intensely galling.
  10. Originally Posted By: window-cleaner I was about to go to bed and have a fairly early night. Just flicking through and saw the image of that first fire. Just about had enough time to hear a general discussion on what it was when that second plan came in from the right and slammed into the other building. That was one truly shocking moment. Especially for a window-cleaner. As a professional, I expect you must have been wondering how they were ever going to get those windows looking right again.
  11. That's because I typically drive around Matsuyama and not Yokohama.
  12. Six pints of beer followed by Marmite on toast (and maybe some tea and pills with a thought for the morn).
  13. I also slept with a six year old girl.
  14. Actually, I may have spent the night in his arms. Or at least, lying rather heavily on one of them. It was one of those sprawl on the floor ferries, and when I got to my space, the bloke was right next to mine (or at least I think it was him. He had a blanket on instead of a skirt so it was hard to tell). Anyway, I woke up in the night to find I had rolled over significant parts of him.
  15. I think the original is a good deal more talented. Not to mention alive. [video:youtube]http://youtube/NS7TbVuHtRI
  16. Originally Posted By: TubbyBeaverinho what else do you want from me?? sheesh Could you hitch it up a bit so that we can see your haggis?
  17. We haven't scratched the surface of renewables yet. Despite the fact that they contain a lot of energy, waste food and human excrement are still being thrown away for the large part. Also generation using the thermal difference of deep sea water provides enough power for base loads. Introducing big trees into cities would also provide shade and biomass (if people can just be brought to accept that leaves are not a problem to winge about). The idea that renewables must offer a complete and perfect solution right now is absurd, but otherwise seemingly intelligent people keep shaking their l
  18. If Amy had come to me, I would have helped her through cold turkey, nursing her with intensive shots of nourishing fluid. I could have slapped her around until she learned to get a bit more music into her voice too.
  19. I was hoping that we could have a thoughtful, sensitive discussion about what constitutes male attire, perhaps with the introduction of a historical view point. I thought we could consider some of the hurdles that men face in breaking away from restrictive ideas about what is appropriate for them. I'm very disappointed to see that it's degenerated so quickly into catcalls and mockery.
  20. I saw my first man in a skirt the other day. Obviously I've seen photos of them before, but it was a real live man, in Matsuyama. He was about 60 and sporting quite a nice frilly skirt in several shades of blue, a short sleeved shirt, and rather heavy lace-up boots. He was sitting waiting for a ferry and looking just a bit self-conscious, if that is in fact a detectable state.
  21. So just now, I thought I'd learn how to build (or at least plan) an app, and I went to the relevant Apple page and there was video with a grinning developer in 1960s clothes and glasses, so I clicked on it out of mild curiosity ... and nothing happened. Probably because I'm using a PC. Or because I'm wearing modern clothes made of artificial fibres or something. Nice work Apple. Can't even make a fncking video work on the Internet.
  22. Originally Posted By: TubbyBeaverinho Frankfurt is a bleak and depressing concrete bunker of an airport I don't know whether Germans still go in for that sort of thing, but there used to be comprehensively stocked sex shop in Frankfurt Airport that I didn't go in, no Sir!
  23. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Castle Eden. Not had that one. I'm looking forward tp trying lots of beers I have never heard of. Don't waste any time looking for Castle Eden. It's gone. It was the most fragrant of beers.
  24. Before a flight to NY from Heathrow once, I discovered a pub type booth that served Castle Eden, my most very favourite beer. Though I knew it was unwise, I quickly downed two pints before I got on the plane. I then developed an almost instantaneous hangover that lasted two days, including the first in NY. We took a wonderful boat tour around Manhattan, and I spent the whole time wondering if I was going to throw up. Just for two lousy pints. I spent about 1 pound 80 p (back in the days when money was worth something), and yes, it was on impulse.
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