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  1. Well, all I can say is a big thank you. And wish you well, SnowJapan is a fantastic website. Will look forward to continue watching.
  2. I mustn't have had particularly amazing nabe, as I can't see the huge appeal.
  3. Omedeto! You decided what you are going to get yet?
  4. Anyone coming to Japan and not visiting Mt Granview is absolutely and quite spectacularly missing the point.
  5. I know how they feel though, I felt a bit irritated before I got to visit Mt Granview.
  6. They can be quite intimidating, but I think they're cool too.
  7. It perhaps should be called Grandview, as there are certainly those. But I'll keep the official name. It's unique and lovely. Mt Granview.
  8. Ah yes, the "overly loud" thing. Japanese guys often seem to use that one don't they.
  9. It's like calling Mt Fuji something like Mt Fiji or something.
  10. That's just to decrease the embarrassment of calling such a great big thing a phone!
  11. I see first time Yes is ahead in a poll. The No guys need to get Lizzie to make an appeal on live tv! Or go on a tour outside the gates of Balmoral!
  12. Same here. Pity they're mostly just 22 minutes long.... get through a lot on a flight and get quite tiresome.
  13. I imagine the peaks of Mt Granview may well be first once again this season...
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