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  1. Not sure what you mean by sliders Chris, Their a permanent addition made of ripple plate. Check out the ARB on line catalogue for Hilux's. I've also got Nitro Shockers with 10 cm lift kit plus rear airlockers and compressor. Also Raycor micron fuel filter. I'm not sure on the availability of ARB products in Japan.
  2. That's my ride. Finally figured how to post Photos,
  3. Michael Myers is the name of the fictional psycho from Halloween movie 1978. Mike Myers is the actor from Wayne's World. I enjoyed both films.
  4. The Nisekos of this world are what drove me away from resort skiing in the first place. Unfortunately they will continue to sprout their nonsense while they manage to turn a profit. Their certainly not doing it out of altruistic motives.
  5. What I find stupid is the large commercial ski areas advertising " bottomless" "deep untracked powder" which is tracked out by lunchtime. So yeah ill go for a climb to get away from the crowds and the lifts.
  6. The Aussie bogan is easily identified by its distinctive plumage of flannelette shirts and track suit pants. They stand out a mile when they come over here every winter.
  7. Yeah, he gets fat while the rest of the population of DPRK are suffering from malnutrition (laugh at the D for democracy bit).
  8. Not to be pedantic but it translates in kana as Mt Guranbiyu on the SJ Resorts search ( but my Japanese is terrible so please feel free to correct me.
  9. Makes me wonder if Apple and U2 decided against forcing themselves upon the Japanese market.
  10. Yeah lucky me ( and others ) now have U2 on their Apple device regardless of whether they wanted it or not. And to add insult to injury you can't delete it. Thanks Apple and U2.
  11. Also snowing in Resolute, Nunavut although way to early to make any forecasts for the coming winter.
  12. FYI we've had 30 cm dry winter snow past 24 hrs. Resorts all tracked out. With a bit of imagination and effort you can still find good terrain.
  13. Over here I've been skiing as early as April and late as November it varies from year to year. However it pales in comparison with what Japan has to offer.
  14. Wtf is a hef ? I always thought if you don't drink xxxx in QLD then your not a man.
  15. I actually prefer Sukiya Don't know if they are in Niseko. But hey your on holidays. Go and lash out on expensive restaurants.
  16. Don't get to exited. Snow cover below 1800 m is still thin. Coronet peak was like an ice rink today. Remarkables has more coverage the best skiing there is NOT lift accessed. You have to climb for it. Waiting to see what this Norwest storm brings over the next 3 days. Good luck.
  17. To all the expats here what interest rate are you paying on your mortgages(assuming you have one) ? In Australia and NZ it's about 5 %.
  18. What did you find laughable about Heat ? Re Russell Crowe I thought he was pretty good in LA Confidential.
  19. I really don't think there's a definitive answer to this one. As mentioned previously technique,snow conditions and individual fitness all affect your ski/ board experience. As someone coming from a background in road cycling and triathlon I have no knee or leg problems thus far so yes I agree with our friend Biggen.
  20. Absolute leave your brains at home rubbish. Saw Black Swan last night, Take your brains with you for that film.
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