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  1. A few sketches aside, I never really got Python.
  2. When my family built our house we had expensive windows fitted with the latest double glazing installed. There was still some condensation there in the first year. It got less. I think you're going to find that most new houses will get it. And it's obviously due to all of the circumstances your room is facing, so the only person who can 'diagnose' it is the builder/window guy. The double double will certainly go a long way to reducing it and as you mentioned the other benefits. If it is not expensive and you get a deal, sounds like a good idea to me.
  3. I'm a bit confused by the Scotland situation. It seems more emotional and the priciple than economic. Which is it?
  4. Important thing is, rather than just being comfortable now, being able to be comfortable in the future. Only just really started to think like that. Must be getting on.
  5. Definitely the right choice. You don't want a really nice house and a narrow front door. The wider ones look much better I think.
  6. How long do they usually take to get them made and sent?
  7. No doubt my weekends will be mostly in the Nagano, perhaps Niigata areas. Wouldn't mind a trip up to Hokks though.
  8. These two caught my eye Bonk - To bounce off an object. (Caution: this word is also Brit-speak for "shag") Bono - Skiing full-speed into a tree.
  9. Having your gear also encourages you to go out more. Like with the gym, I pay for a year rather than every week or every time. Encourages me to go make the most of it. When I was on time-by-time, I gave it a miss somethings partly tired partly saving money partly excuse.
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