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  1. A few places in Fukui. 4 days in Shiga Kogen. Others to be decided.
  2. I really enjoyed putting ours together about 15 years ago. Reading this makes me want to start again with a new one!
  3. As long as you make sure to them it is clear it's from you to you and it comes from your named account, I cannot see a problem. I have in the past sent fairly large amounts (those were the days) and never been asked after the event.
  4. I just wish I had enough not to change from my overseas account.
  5. Cellular, with Kim Basinger in it. Basicallly she stays in one room for most of it while some bloke tries to solve a mystery.
  6. Is that his idea? I thought he had given up on trying to prove his innocence.
  7. I don't think high percentage of people vote. They should and vote him away. I do not like his attitude at all.
  8. Marunuma in Gunma and Tanigawa Tenjindaira in Gunma is also 6th May. I might go Golden Week when I visit family nearby.
  9. I know this telephone box, actually many years ago I remember using it. Near to Gala Yuzawa turning road right? I didn't know it was famous!
  10. I ski much in Gunma and Niigata and Nagano but did not go much Tohoku or even Hokkaido. I really want to visit Hokkaido in particular.
  11. My family is farmer in Gunma, Katashina town and they do this around this time year. During season they want much snow, but around now time if there is too much they want it to disappear. I feel it is never right condition!
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