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  1. I am actually quite amazed at how friendly and 'calm' these Forums are. They are so unlike lots of full on attitude forums for skiing boarding. Cannot see what you are talking about!
  2. Yes definitely able to keep choices open until later. Do we think prices might go down if they don't start filling up?
  3. Not as if they had a bad time of anything they just said that on returning that's what they would have preferred to have done.
  4. Makes the one before look very basic and simple. It's all very sleek. And looks like it's not just the way it looks either.
  5. My friends did this and regretted it. Said they would have rather stayed in the Niseko area and check out more of Rusutsu and Kiroro rather than take the trip over to the other side.
  6. Been using the site and forums for a while now. Can't believe what you have done to the forums. Mind-blowing! They look amazing. Like someone else said, I thought it was time to sign up. Cheers for all the work and obvious devotion to the cause
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