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  1. Just downloaded the new "Inside Apple" book, looking forward to giving it a read. And the ipad 3.
  2. Are the Yuzawa numbers because of that though, or because the snow arrived much earlier this season?
  3. Hey I was in Niseko a few seasons back and we are considering going to Japan again. I think we want to check out Niseko again but also some other place(s). Looks like Rusutsu can be done from Niseko, but Furano is further right? Using public transportation, what sort of time are we looking at taken from Niseko to Furano? Anyone give me an idea? Cheers
  4. Went to Niseko a few years back and just loved it. Need to get back. Planning a trip for coming Japan winter.
  5. Did a bit of lurking the last month or so. Very impressed with the new setup, looks amazing. As good a time as any to signup.
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