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  1. I like in Niigata but also have small place in Sado island just close to Niigata.
  2. Excellent. It was certainly good January but I feel not as good after that. Of course because of the heavy January snowfall the season can now stretch into late May in Kagura.
  3. I have never been to Niseko. I had only recently heard of it much also as it was on the local Niigata news about resorts in this area looking at the Niseko success with foreigners and also more Japanese becoming interested because of that. I might have to take a trip to check it out, sounds interesting. And of course I have always heard how excellent the snow is up there.
  4. I had about 20 day trips mostly to Yuzawa and Myoko area of Niigata and a few to Ninox. I also went Zao for 3 days in January and Minakami for 4 days.
  5. I also went at weekend. Still some good snow but I think it will be the last of my season.
  6. I was born and brought up in Niigata. So i am close to lots of snow. Good to meet you.
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