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  1. Probably doesn't stop the guy(s) doing it in the first place. They will probably not be aware of all that happening. Even worse when they cc you with hundreds of other email addresses that you can actually see.
  2. Is it true that Victoria Beckham is going to take here place?
  3. I just HATE it when companies put me on their mailing list --- without my permission. It seems to happen a lot. Makes me real angry. Just wanted to share that.
  4. Same here. Late morning lunchtime it never seems to be busy. I would hate to be on a busy train at that time when I am coming back from a long journey. I don't think I smell much but....
  5. If you "shake" a window, all the others disappear. Not sure if this is top of the feature list, but..... Going to try this on my pc at home I think for the laughs. What happens when it's released though does the computer using this version stop working or ask you to pay for a licence or what?
  6. Entrapment. It was good to laugh at Sean Connery being Sean Connery but the best part was Catherine Zeta Jones doing here avoid the lasers routing.
  7. Sad this kind of story. Whatever happened to being kids.
  8. At last got the (500+) page English version of the manual. This is a sweet phone - looking forward to being able to use it more than I can now (my Japanese is not good!) The only downer is how much of a fingerprint and smudge getter it is. Unavoidable with a touch screen device I suppose!
  9. Was on the way to Gala once when they decided to close it. We got shunted off to Kagura which ended up being good actually.
  10. I think this last season was the third season that the southern part of Gala Yuzawa wasn't open. I used to like that area - the best bit if you ask me... steep slopes, loads of snow, good trees. Why exactly is it closed and are they ever going to open it up again anyone know? Cheers
  11. Gala Yuzawa. I had a Gala Day. Enjoyed it actually it was back when things were more busy but a mid-week and when the southern area was open as well.
  12. Got the black version of the SH-04A last week. Sweet phone. Paid in 24 installments of 2400 yen so it doesn't hurt at all. Touch screen and that keyboard makes it better than an iphone. You can get much cheaper but I'm a happy camper.
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