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  1. Hey Ippy, have you got any more info on that as I might be interested in popping over from Furano for a few days. Cheers (& Happy New Year!)
  2. So guys and girls (Tina, Slippery Jim, Chriselle and anybody else who's up there at the mo'), how's Furano?? I see that Kitanomine opened today so it must be getting better.
  3. Have just watched the NHK evening news and they're saying 40-50cm of snow will fall all along the Sea of Japan coast! Hopefully that'll mean more higher up but something's better than nothing!!
  4. As my mum's in town, I did the touristy thing and took her to the Imperial Palace to see the birthday speech. Obviously we didn't understand much but it was worth going just to shout "banzai!"
  5. When it's freezing cold and windy or there's a lots of untouched pow waiting to be slashed, I couldn't agree more BUT on a bluebird day, with good views, I love being on a chairlift, slow or not. Having said that, I haven't tried out those at Tomamu so maybe I'll change my mind when I go there next month!
  6. Originally Posted By: JA Anyone with a halfway intelligent response to my query? Who's that Girl? Annie Lennox was the singer in the popular 1980's UK duo called the Eurythmics :-)
  7. No worries MiniMoose, another time and hopefully by then there'll be more snow to play in!
  8. Originally Posted By: muikabochi I hate being cold. Yeah, me too! I therefore wear a base layer (I love my long-sleeved Helly Hansen); North Face fleece and jacket (with another base layer on those extra cold Hokkaido days) plus a pair of Ronhill Tracksters under my snowboard pants!
  9. Thanks for that Jynxx and MP, of course!! A very interesting read, particularly as I've never even considered Germany as a ski destination!
  10. I love Japan but sometimes I really miss Europe and reading this report and seeing those photos is making me homesick!
  11. Xmas Day wherever I can find the best Xmas dinner in Tokyo/Kawasaki/Yokohama Then the New Year down in Kawaguchiko as I thought it'd be quite cool being next to Fujisan
  12. Fingers crossed it dumps soon. I reckon there should be some fun to have up top, albeit under the ropes
  13. Looking good guys and girls - here's a snippet from today's report:- "There were some nice smiles and proclamations of a great powder day yesterday!" Now I can start to get excited!
  14. Originally Posted By: Jynxx We (now) have about 70cm @1800m on our local mountain. Which local mountain is that Jynxx? Am asking because I have some spare time on my hands and am desperate for powder!!
  15. Back in my university days (more years ago than I care to remember), I brought a girl home and awoke in the early hours of the morning to see her squatting and going for a pee on my armchair Needless to say it put a dampener on proceedings!!
  16. I'm sat here in a depressingly wet Kawasaki just drooling at these photos - more of the same please!
  17. Stop Press:- Furano opened today though only part of Furano zone; Kitanomine zone remains closed!
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