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  1. I went on the 11th and did the same thing. After spending some time with my beginner friends I went up to the top of the gold course. I saw the pow there and couldn't resist the hike. It was worth it! I was surprised no one else really went for it though.
  2. Actually, as I just found out today, I'm not getting the days off like I was hoping. So unfortunately, I'm going to have to cancel the trip plans. Sorry guys.
  3. I think this is a bit of desperation. http://www.galaresort.jp/winter/news_00165.html Opening the resort for the sake of a fake snow course.
  4. Oh whoops, I guess this forum doesn't have PMs. Also, it would be pretty hard to pick up people at varying places all over Kanagawa, maybe it would be a bit easier if we can consolidate to a few bigger stations or something?
  5. So I should have 6 or 7 spots depending on how much gear needs to come with us. The cost will be roughly ( this is just an early estimate) $25-$30 (or yen equivalent) per person. That's splitting the cost between 7 people. So obviously if we don't fill up the van it will cost more. So I can get a better idea of who wants to come, send me a PM with what gear you need to bring and where you live. Thanks guys!
  6. So the 20th would be ok with everyone? Remember, I'll be leaving from Yokosuka, so I can't stray too far off the yoko yoko to pick up people.
  7. Yeah, it would be just a day trip. I don't mind doing all the driving. Haven't decided on where to go yet though.
  8. Hey I was thinking of maybe December 20th or 23rd, would anyone be interested?
  9. Well my house is Yokohama, but I work on base in Yokosuka. And yeah, I don't think I would go farther than Kanagawa to pick up anybody. Maybe Tokyo because I usually have to pass through to head north.
  10. Yeah, just need the snow... =P If I decide to make a trip and have some extra room, I'll let you guys know. ;P
  11. Yep, they pay tolls when you rent. So that just leaves splitting the cost of the rental (Which is something like $40-60 a day depending if you get a car or a van) and then gas. Maybe sometime I can make a trip with people from the forums.
  12. Yeah, I'm in the US Navy and they have a car rental place on base that also pays your tolls. So splitting the cost is a great way to make trips. And yeah, looking at the old reports, I think I'll hold off a little longer.
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