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  1. Yup, you can get a points ticket, or an 8-hour ticket late in the day, both of which will apply to the "nighter."
  2. Haven't uploaded photos in a while, it seems much easier these days, let me know if you have any trouble viewing them K? Headed to work now, come see me at BD and I'll pour you a beer
  3. Hey Guys! Just wanted to share some recent photos from our recent romps around Niseko and Rusutsu. It's been dumping non-stop, as most of you probably know, and the snow is just incredible...
  4. Thanks guys, yeah it was a very real reminder, as was the vid I just watched that someone posted of a guy falling in a hole. That happened to me last year at Chisenupuri, in the pillow lines skiier's left of the chair lift. Backwards, head first, down a huge rock well. Managed to get myself out (delicately) only to lose a ski 5 meters down the hole in the process. The whole event was made more sketchy because as soon as I slithered my way out of the hole, I realized that what I was standing on was an unstable snow bridge between several gigantic car-sized boulders. We reinforced the snow bridg
  5. So yesterday I was riding at Higashiyama and I experienced a **mini** slide in the wooded area to the right of Miso Shiru, near the bottom half of the run by the old gondola. Scared me right good, but I really need to stress that it was a small, mini avvy in one of the rollovers in that area, which should probably just be avoided to begin with due to obstacles and the fact that the whole thing is kind of a terrain trap. So this is what happened... (and I'm not proud of it but it's worth sharing!) Imagine Miso Shiru, the slope to skiier's right of the Mori-no chair. To the skiier's right of M
  6. Thanks for the kudos, guys! Sorry if I`ve kinda gone MIA for a bit- honestly we have been in Niseko since before Christmas and we`ve been so busy skiing and enjoying our stay at the BD Lodge that I haven`t really made time to get on the computer lately. I should post something soon, though, because it has been absolutely wonderful here. We hiked and skied Yotei last week -what a hoot- and it is positively DUMPING DENDRITES right now and has been falling sideways for the past 30 hours. Like get out a shovel every time you have to move the car kinda dumping. I hear Hakuba is getting nailed too!
  7. Had to get our fixins last week, so we headed over to Malunuma. We had low expectations, but pleased to say we were pleasantly syrup-rized. Did a lil' hiking, a lil' poachin', got some freshies, gotter done. We are still road tripping (in Kyoto currently!), so therefore internet access is limited. Catch you guys on the next update, or hope to see you on the slopes! Cheers Jen
  8. Hakuba or Niseko Hakuba or Niseko Whichever has more snow ...ya know? Aren't any of you guys skiing over the holidaze besides Mitchpee? Mitchpee- wee will see you over yonder
  9. Nice photos, BM! Have you ever skied it? I have found info on where the good ski lines are, but then I've also heard it's pseudo-illegal?
  10. Originally Posted By: MitchPee I'm from New England as well New Hampshire to be specific! Skied everything you are talking about. Nice to meet ya Heck yeah, Mitchpee! Nice to meet a fellow Hampshirite. I most recently lived in Manchester, where I busted my butt at an architecture firm to get where I am now (on extended sabbatical). Did I read earlier that you're working at Black Diamond Lodge this season? Good luck with your new gig. We'll stop in and say hi when we get up that way. I think we want to trade in the Nissan rental for a Hiace, budget providing. I hear they rent those
  11. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver I hate when they have Natto for kyushoku, the classroom is stinking of it, the kids have the trailers floating from their mouths and chopsticks.....talking with their mouth full of that nasty shit......bleurgh!!! For crying out loud, I've been having freakin' nightmares ever since I read this. Thanks a lot, TB.
  12. Hey Metabo, yeah I've def been keeping an eye on it. Yesterday the report and photos didn't look stellar, and with the latest rain I wasn't sure... *Update* OK so it appears they are opening more terrain this Saturday. They are talking about having 7 trails by then. We'll see. If so, we're heading up, but I'd love to go Monday and beat the crowd; praying to Ullr for a Sunday night dump. Cheers!
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