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  1. Can with the larger shops at least, don't know about all. A few yen per bottle I think.
  2. Interesting how some places introducing them and others taking them away (like Nozzle).
  3. Sure will be interesting to see what they come up with on that score. None for spring ski next year?
  4. I had some of that Sapporo, like tubby said ok nothing special
  5. User reports and fears that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones are bending in trouser pockets are overblown, according to independent testing by the US non-profit Consumer Reports. In fact, its tests found that HTC’s One M8 phone bent under the same force as the iPhone 6 - and that the “phablet-size” iPhone 6 Plus was stronger than both. The tests showed, though, that the new phones are substantially less strong than 2012’s iPhone 5, whose body is also used in 2013’s iPhone 5S. Consumer Reports tested the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPhone 5 against the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One M8 usin
  6. That's just ridiculous, they haven't got a clue! Unless it's perhaps some dudes from Niseko or Hakuba trying to damage the upcoming Mt Granview in someway...
  7. Lovely day today and a very nice cool morning and evening. Ahhh autumn. Long may it last for us to enjoy.
  8. Mt Granview and Mold should perhaps tie-up somehow. Do some exchanges maybe. There's got to be some 'synergies' there.
  9. Weather helped the laziness over the weekend as it was wet on and off. More difficult when the sun is out.
  10. Yeah loads. Very hot and lots of rain. Lovely!
  11. Hope it went well! looking at highs up around 34 degrees here today.
  12. mad rain again here now. Can't want for this rainy season to end..... Another few days?
  13. Wednesday next week is my flying day. One week to go.
  14. Looks like it might rain here. I'm off for summer soon, hurray!
  15. Absolutely mad storm last night. It was literally constant lightening and thunder for quite a long time. Nuts
  16. Interesting. I just looked my bill the last few months has been around 300kWH. So that's 10 a day, right? For two of us.
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