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Yes I hate - I hate the guy who punched his 4 month old baby in the chest and broke the babys ribs, and when the baby wouldn't stop crying last week, took an electrical cord, plugged it into the wall and tried to shock the baby into keeping quiet.


And I hate the japanese police officer who was in an unmarked car and yelled at two boys on a bicycle at night...the boys got scared thinking the cop was yakuza or something and ran - cop chased him without lights - boy got more scared and ran farther until he got hit by another car in an intersection. He died. The cop simply radio'd the accident in and drove off leaving the boy to die.


Yes I hate - I'd gladly beat the living daylights out of either of those two guys and sleep good that night too...

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funny u should mention that s m m, but i've been wishing for some time for a new-fangled tv, what u can smash to pieces, then watch it again the next day.


u'know like those toy cars with spring-loaded bits that looked like they crashed after they hit something, but u could fix 'em to look like normal again afterwards...or those alarm clocks u turn off by throwing them across the room.


i want a telly i can throw out the window, but then walk around to the car park, pick it up, and use it again. kinda a g-shock telly. but a springloaded smashed up look would be a bonus!


it is, of course, my real dream to have a telly, what i could smash the screen with a hammer. but i think thats just being unrealistic.


anyhow, i'm sure there'd be a market for such for an item!

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Originally posted by mikazooki:
i want a telly i can throw out the window,
I threw a comouter screen out the window once. Damn thing fell a few floors then all but bounced on the grass. A distinct let down to the terrible mood that I was trying to satisfy.
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I want a toy norika (from the super annoying toshiba ads) that I can repeatedly throw out the window, perferably from six floors up. Spring loaded entrails, eyeballs and brains would be a bonus, that could spill out on impact. Then you just pop 'em back in, chuck her in the elevator, and she's ready for another round of psyhcotic fun the next time that brain numbing cheezy over-kawaii piece of excrement of an ad comes on the box.


And yes I really like your hammer mika!

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I just realised that I have not answered this important question.


Answer: YES, I hate plenty, viz:


- gay people,

- children,

- adopted people,

- Dwarves,

- tax,

- governement,

- authority,

- Japan,

- America,

- Bush,

- every women that won't sleep with me,

- France,

- Germany,

- UK,

- Spain,

- Portugal,

- Mongolia

- homeless people,

- SKI,

- Ocean11,

- Stink Bugs,

- Yoda; I really hate him,

- The colour yellow

- people that require me to think when I don't feel like it,


Other than that I am pretty easy going and full of love pass me the pipe.

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