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Anyone intereted at all? I have never been particularly interested, but haven't heard any talk of it on here (unless I am missing a thread).


What boarding events are there this time? Hope they are getting round to representing us a bit better....

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hey rach, cool philosomophy,


i've tried to live by the same one for most

of my life, so it's nice to hear it from

someone else.


although i must admit, i do love to watch

from time to time.

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Oh yeah, plus, I see the Olympics as

all-around weak. It's really just another

sports competition, and a poorly organized

one at that.


I remember when I was a little kid, I was

waayyy hyped on the Olympics, cuz it was

sposed to be the best contest that only

happened once every four years. It was

attended only by amateurs, so it wasn't

tainted by money and capatalism


but as I got older, all the corruption

alienated me, and then the pro atheletes,

being allowed to compete, for the sake of

TV ratings and the cash that they bring,

then more corruption, and I don't give a



Neither do most Americans. Hotel and

Restaurant reservations in the Salt Lake Area

are down 45% from last year. And there

weren't any Olympics last year.


The Olympic business is terrible this year,

and sure you can chalk alot of that up to

a bunk economy, and September Eleventh, you

can also chalk alot of that up to the

popularizing opinion that the Olympics are



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Hey, the olympics not well organised.


Arent they the most organised thing ever?????


Surprised at the lack of interest - and seeming hatred - of them. Why is that?


I'm rather looking forward to it all.

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Well... Olympic Snowboard = CHO TSUMARANAI.

However maybe I gonna watch 'Halfpipe'


BUT definitely I gonna watch Ice hockey. ( Canada! Canada! Canada!! Woo Hoo!! )


BTW...where can I watch Ice Hockey games in Tokyo aside from Sports bar in Roppongi.

Shibuya's sports cafe shows Olympic games?

Any idea?


Am sure NHK -Hifi & BS show only Japanese Games or final(How great!)... so I want to know...

I was in Nagano last time, so I hav no idea where I can watch it in Tokyo.help!


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I too love the Olympics. Sure they are ultra-commericalized. Quick poll, which is not overly commercialized? NHL, MLB, World Cup Football, Formula 1, or even international level table tennis? Come on. Thats big time sports these days. We can all hate it as a fact of nature, not a newly created entity. After all, will you say they were all amateur players before NHL/NBA players were allowed? Just not so. Anyhow, its a fun event (I believe most Americans enjoy the Olympics), that should not be taken too seriously. When else do you watch luge, ski jumping or figure skating (a sport?) on TV. If nothing else it does promote lesser known sports to new people. Can't be all bad, even if it is currupt.


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The thing where the Japanese atheletes have gone to the US is the Olympics? Why didn't they tell me there were other countries on TV?!!!


BTW, same can be said for the Soccer World cup....

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Yeah, the hype is there, but it's no worse than any other events/sports organizations.


Burton-riding wonderkid Shaun White (think ginger, freckles, Brady Bunch) is in the halfpipe, so that might be all right. See how many times he says "stoked" during the interview. Miyawaki, Nakai and a few other Japanese riders are in, so it should be broadcast.


Many Americans interviewed during the Sydney Games complained about all of the events being on at the wrong time for American TV, so they've got no excuses for moaning or not tuning in this time.


Nat's right about the Japanese coverage though. Expect an extreme Japanese bias if you do tune in, with lots of low-level comment from "talent" presenters (inc. that fat ex-swimmer) in the studio about the Japanese competitors in place of the major matchups between other countries. I doubt much of the hockey will be on the normal channels.

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I like Olympics, Worldcup Succer etc. It's cool staff to watch.


Some people love to play the sports rather than watching but also some people love to watch & drinkging the slopes, for exmaple, "Cricket" I hate to play cricket but I love to watch cricket games with friends with beers.


So.. Some people love to watch it, some some people don't.

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In World Sports Cafe in Shibuya....


If the group of people request/reserve the game(s), they will play.


Nat- As I know, they will play Russia vs Canada on 15 Feb 02 from 3.00am.

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I grok all these comments about the Olympics.


Myself, I have mixed feelings. I always want the Olympics to be something they never end up being.


On the one hand, I love sports and I love watching sports and I love a chance to see top-level international competition in sports you never get to see on TV otherwise--biathlon (Guns! Skis!), fencing, table-tennis, etc.


On the other hand, there is the proto-fascistic element. And--because for most of us what we call "the Olympics" is not really the Olympics, it is Television Coverage of the Olympics--there is the childishly overbearingly nationalistic perspective that forces you to either watch everything you never wanted to know about a particular country's person or team (while amazing athletes are setting world records in other events and matchups off camera), or simply not watch at all.


The best Olympics for me were the 1976 summer games in Montreal. I was living in Detroit and we could get the Canadian TV coverage.


What a stroke of genius the Canadians had! They were so proud and happy to have and run the Olympics that they just turned on all the cameras CBC had, pointed them at all the events, all the time, and strung it together using almost zero studio/interview downtime. The daily broadcasts began in the early morning and rolled constantly on right through to the wee hours...day after day after day of that hot green summer until it was all done.


This put on your home TV screen a kind of Warholian cinema verite that was gloriously satisfying.


We saw meaningless water polo matches between third-world countries that hadn't a wet dream of making it past the elimination rounds. We saw prelims, quarter- and semi-finals in team handball, we saw race-walking, we saw the Blutos stalking and puffing and roaring with testosterone in the back room of the men's weightlifting competition...we followed a South American through the pentathlon as he made a rummy go of it, riding, fencing boxing and cross-country running his way into oblivion. There was the Japanese gymnast who'd known his knee was broken from the day before, but still stuck his giant landing with a grimace and got the silver medal... There was Teofilo Stevenson, the great Cuban boxer, there was Edwin Moses in the 400-meter hurdles...


Great stuff, and for a kid like me it was fascinating to see a world full of colors and people and things I'd never imagined.


Compare that to the US or Japanese TV coverage, and you'd think the Olympics was only for 5-10 people or teams from that country...and nothing else worth talking about. What utterly insular, idiotic coverage, all jingoistic commercial-hype propaganda, not worth watching at all.




I've got SkyPerfect TV. Does anybody know whether there is some balanced, decent coverage available on THAT?


I doubt it.


I do love winter sports. I sure would like to see a bit of top-level mogul skiing, a bit of ski jumping, some snowboard racing (forget about the pipe), and maybe nurse a hangover over 10,000m speed skating or Nordic skiing.


And I don't care if any of the above are Olympic or not, except to the extent that if they are beamed into my little rabbit-hutch apartment directly from Salt Lake City, then I can at least hope to get a glimpse of the snow conditions in Cottonwood Canyon and then wish that Mogski and I were up there with our flasks and sunblock and powder togs.


Oh, er, by the way, perhaps I just mis-wrote...just like I said on the double-standard thread, riding powder is bad. There is no powder in Utah. Forget about it. Take my word for it and just go and have a beer. You deserve it, and you look a bit tired. Go on! Forget I even brought it up.



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I am essentially interested, but as a few others have pointed out there, absurdly ugly "Japan-only perspective" seen in the Japanese media puts me right off.


Don't know about Sky Perfect TV, but unless it's a non-Japanese broadcast I can't see it making much difference.

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I guess I forgot to mention it but it came to me last night as I lay in bed.


The Olympic Village is a hotbed of sexual activity.


It could be the hormone treatments given to female swimmers and weightlifters, or it could be the gooey warm tension of being among all those finely-tuned bodies and having little dorm rooms like back in school days...


I for one would love to be the drooling, submissive toy of certain female speed or ice skaters (what overwhelmingly awesome thighs and buttocks! And those skintight catsuits..!), massaging their poor tired legs and posteriors in the name of athletic achievement and performance enhancement.


And I sure would like to hang out and party with the Alberto Tombas and the snowboard halfpipe crew.


I'd just want to be sure to keeping up my end of things in order to improve international relations on a personal level in the private Olympic Village dorm room of some Scandinavian cross-country skier or the Korean women's speed skating team, when that pro-primadonna US hockey team gets thrashed again by a bunch of blue-eyed Slavic kids and then goes on a testosterone rampage smashing walls, chairs and windows like they did in Nagano.


Now that I think about it, the whole bit sounds exactly like college, except with no studying or books...oh, wait a minute, that is EXACTLY like college was for me.

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Condoms, in large sizes, distributed by the boxload. Floors awash with lubricating jelly. Broken bedlegs. Perverse races involving stopwatches. Interracial coupling in official uniforms. Cross dressing.

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