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  1. Hey no it's been a decent season for me too. Got warm too quickly over the last month or so, but...
  2. A pretty decent skier and beginner snowboarder. Only been doing the latter for a short while, so give me some slack....
  3. Hey, come on... Is this all info from the "tabloids" or is this from experience/real happenings you know about?
  4. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Getting confused with all the talk on the board recently... Thanks
  5. I've made a new FOOD topic for you Ocean11! No need to thank me!
  6. I just don't really know what to say.... Start us off Ocean11!! Go go
  7. Ryou? Nice food? Ocean11! What are you thinking? Nice fooooood????????
  8. I would wait if I were you for some decent snow....it just isn't here yet
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