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i am married to that thing we call skiing...


i get neglected from may-nov...actually, i neglect her...


but come winter....oh yah baby...

i ride her all day long...good lovin'


pretty sad...single in japan




pray for snow

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Cancer and my name is Larry, huh

And I like a woman

that loves everything and everybody

Because I love everybody and everything

And you know what, ladies,

if you feel that this is you

Then this is what

I want you to do


Float, float on

Float on, float on

(Float on)

Float, float, float on

(Yeah, yeah)

(You better float on)

(Float on)



(could be a bit old for you young 'uns)

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i think all you need to do, sachiko,

is to say i'll be here at this resort at

this time, and you'll have a flock of

Single SJG guys to ride with smile.gif

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