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For those returning to Japan after a holiday...

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Well, the Costo in Haydock in north west England stocks lots of UK goods.

(And no doubt American goods too, though thinking about it I recognise most things I see in there - it doesn't feel like I'm walking around 'an American shop').

But that is the only Costo I have ever been to.


Good that they have a good range of chesses though.

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Not big on UK cheese but they do big blocks of various standardish cheeses. Maybe a mature US cheddar among them. Some smaller, good European cheeses at "not take the piss" prices too.


Have a gnaw on a bulgogi bake on the way out.

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My wife brought back a small suitcase full of chocolate. Too much in fact! Since we started going to Costco there is a lot less that I want to bring back with me.


This time I only got:

Maple syrup

Hollandaise sauce mix

Montreal smoke meat spice rub

Ice wine

Clothes that actually fit

2.5kg of fat in my belly (the clothes don't fit too well anymore!!)

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