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The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

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It's a bit long, and the CL teams dropping into it is crap, but other than that the Europa League is a good competition. I think there's a long overdue CL place for the winner too.


There are big protests planned at Newcastle this week, which sound more interesting than the game.

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Europa League is a bit strange, isn't it? The winners get a place in the CL now but only in the phase before the main tournament. Also, there can only be max. 5 teams from one league in the CL which could mean that the winner from Europa might not actually get a place in CL under strange, but not impossible, circumstances. I think winning Europa is actually Everton's best bet for getting into the CL.

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Back to being mediocre at best :doh:


I LOL'd when I read that Rodgers said "We are missing real quality up front"......umm....shouldn't you have bought "real quality" with the 75 million u got for Suarez, the last real quality you had?!


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What I've noticed is that they haven't got the pace up front to overrun teams from the first whistle. Their defence is dreadful as well... Last season they were able to out-score other teams and not have to worry about being tidy in the back. Mignolet looks lost as well. I like Everton's chances next weekend in the derby (fingers crossed that Sturridge is still out!)

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You've all probably heard about the minivan full of Scouse fans that crashed coming back up the M6 from an away game in London. Everyone on board was killed.

They all went up to the pearly gates and rang the bell.

The gatekeeper came out:


GK: "And what do you want?"

Scouse: "We want to get in like, you know, we're dead!"

GK: "I'm sorry but I don't think we allow your kind in here. It'll be down below for you lot. Stoking up."

Scouse: "Ow come on we're dead. We want to get into heaven."

GK: "Well just wait there. I'll go and talk to the Boss."


And with that the Gatekeeper went off to consult with God.


GK: "God, I've got a bunch of Scousers at the gates wanting to come in. We don't let them in here do we?"

God: "Now, now Mr. Gatekeeper. You should know that we have a non-discriminatory entry policy here. Go back and ask each of them if he/she has led an upright, honest and decent life, and if they answer in the positive then they are welcome into Heaven for eternity."


And with that the Gatekeeper went off back to his post at the pearly gates.

Moments later he ran back to God shouting:


GK: "God! God! They've gone! They've gone!"

and God asked "What? All of them?"


Gasping for breath, the Gatekeeper exclaimed "NO! NO! The pearly gates!! They've gone!!!!"

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Liverpool should have bought Remy. Apparently the failed medical was an excuse and they simply couldn't agree on wages. It sounds like Balotelli was cheaper in the end.


he'd maybe score more goals than Balotelli but I still wouldn't class him in the "top quality" bracket

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