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Maiko Snow Resort (Minamiuonuma, Niigata) - 23rd December 2013

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First day of my season and over to a local favourite, Maiko Snow Resort.


It has been a mostly very grey day in the area, hardly any colour to play with, but it was the first day so I wasn't too fussy.


Snow was fairly decent, not great, and while cover was actually pretty much 100% you can tell it's not mid season deep - lots of things popping up on the side of the runs.


Had a fun few hours though. :friend:


But just so you can see what Maiko looks like early in the season:



















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They're good aren't they, I like them too. :thumbsup:


I very probably took very similar last year, but hey! :friend:


I do hope we get lots of nice clear weather this season though. As much fun as I had, come back and somehow disappointing not to have lots the lovely contrasty pics I like so much.

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Cheers Muika.

Really appreciate the views and pics of ski jo's other than the ones l frequent. I will explore them one day but for now the pics and reports will have to do. Thinking out loud here (thanks for link / reminder -pies) as I must have a look at your gallery tho - keep thinking that but it too will happen. Looking forward to more and hope you can squeeze in some action shots on the deep days. Also feeling a tad envious seeing a lot more people having fun in the snow. Enjoy.

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