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  1. I have a birds eye view from my office to the first visit spot at the sydney opera house. Its a shame I forgot to bring my sniper rifle to work today!
  2. Im still thinking the Professor will turn the plane into a boat using palm trees and coconuts once he's got he sh1t togther (might take a lot of years based upon past episodes of the show). The Skipper and Gilligan will no doubt captain the improvised vessel with the Professor the engineering officer. Ginger and Mary-Ann will be stewardess whilst the Howells relax up front in first class.
  3. Have they looked here? I know, I know.... too soon.
  4. and here was me thinking that Europe had enough skis. Must be a ski shortage crisis in the alps.
  5. great pics. I and the missus saw a kamoshika at nozawa this year and we were both pretty stoked about seeing wildife being "wild".
  6. how about decorating your man cave like a luau bar!
  7. dont call my wife bignose! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Ahg2GVWHGKY
  8. yep, it would have to be the kick off skijo on the tour.
  9. As I look at lots of TR's on here I'm starting to think "road trip". Having a car and being to sample a pile of resorts around Niigata looks pretty appealing, even for an old fart like me.
  10. Ala Max Smart we have always called the hooded chairs the "cone of silence". Cant say I'm a fan of riding them with my 10 year step son as loves to drop sbd's (silent but deadlys) and gas everyone out!
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